ELHT Jobs: Top 11 options You Can Should Try Check Now
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ELHT Jobs: Top 11 options You Can Should Try Check Now

Explore exciting career opportunities with East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT). As a leading healthcare organization committed to delivering high-quality services to the community, ELHT provides a diverse range of ELHT jobs roles in various fields.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the healthcare sector, ELHT offers a dynamic and inclusive work environment for all of their ELHT NHS jobs.

This introduction provides a glimpse into some of the rewarding positions available within ELHT, reflecting the organization’s commitment to excellence, patient care, and professional development.

Top 11 Best ELHT Jobs

Discover the top 11 ELHT jobs that stand out for their excellence and offer exciting career opportunities.

Whether you’re interested in clinical roles or administrative positions, this curated list showcases the best ELHT jobs available now.

Explore these career options to find a fulfilling path in contributing to exceptional healthcare services and making a positive impact on individuals and the community.

1. Healthcare Assistant

Ready for an epic adventure on Ward C14A?

We’ve got some mind-blowing ELHT vacancies that come with a cool £22,383 annual salary!

As a Healthcare Assistant (HCA), you’re not just part of the team – you’re the hero helping them maintain the most awesome care standards under the guidance of their superhero, the Registered Nurse!

Your mission: create a spick-and-span, super-welcoming environment for their patients and their sidekicks (aka family).

Picture this: their ward is like the Avengers Headquarters, but with even more high-fives and laughter.

We’re on the lookout for a dynamo support worker – someone as pumped up as a superhero in a Marvel movie!

If you’re enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to delivering mind-blowing nursing care, you’re their kind of hero for these ELHT jobs.

Communication skills?

They need you to be the Captain America of chatting and handling sensitive info like Black Widow on a secret mission.

Join their squad, and you’ll be part of a team that’s so forward-thinking, that it’s practically time-traveling!

Oh, and by the way, you’ll be upholding their Trust values and ensuring their patients and their families get the care that’s Safe, Personal, and super Effective!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: personalized care ninja!

From helping with personal hygiene to making sure their patients are well-fed and hydrated, you’ll be a superhero in action.

Fly (or walk) with them as they make sure every patient is safe and sound.

2. Catering Assistant

Get ready for a culinary adventure with East Lancashire Hospitals Trust with ELHT jobs!

Join them as a Part-Time Catering Assistant with their NHS jobs ELHT, where you’ll be the heart and soul of their service, making a real difference with your culinary skills.

Here’s the scoop: you’ll be working 17.5 hours a week on a flexible rota, including some weekends (Psst! Weekends and Bank Holidays come with bonus payments – cha-ching!).

They’re all about efficiency, so they might close applications once we’ve got a minimum number – don’t miss out, apply pronto!

Now, onto the main event – your superhero duties.

  • Channel your inner cleanliness superhero by ensuring premises and equipment sparkle according to their cleaning schedules.
  • Master the art of operating and cleaning automatic industrial dishwashers – because cleanliness is next to tastiness!
  • Show off your culinary chops by preparing and cooking simple food items, and making salads, sandwiches, and breakfasts that will wow everyone.
  • Be a plating pro, serving up meals and beverages to their fantastic patients and staff.
  • Dive into the world of temperature probing – it’s like playing detective with meals and recording temperatures like a pro.
  • Distribute food items to the wards with precision – storage, rotation, and maintaining min/max stock levels? You’ve got this!
  • Keep things cool by looking after ward beverage trolleys, fridges, and restaurant vending machines.
  • Show off your financial flair by handling cash, check floats, and securing takings according to their Trust’s financial rules.
  • Be a paperwork wizard – complete any documentation like a boss.

But wait, there’s more!

You might need to flex those muscles for safer handling of heavy equipment and do some lifting, carrying, bending, twisting – you know, the usual superhero workout.

Ready to unleash your culinary superpowers?

Apply now! At East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, we’re all about safe, personal, and effective care.

Join their team and be part of something amazing!

3. Patient Navigator – Cancer Services

Step into the dynamic world of Cancer Services Administration at East Lancashire NHS Trust!

These part-time ELHT jobs, offering a yearly salary between £25,147 and £27,596, beckons a skilled individual to join the team.

As a crucial member, the task at hand involves providing full administrative support for Best Practice Timed Pathway meetings and actively monitoring and tracking cancer patients.

The goal?

Ensure a seamless patient journey in accordance with Cancer Waiting Times Targets.

The ideal candidate must possess a comprehensive understanding of these targets, guiding and educating key personnel on their impact.

Responsibilities include virtually guiding patients through the cancer pathway, ensuring timely diagnostic investigations, and promptly delivering results to clinicians.

The role extends to identifying and resolving delays in the patient pathway, maintaining the exchange of data, and contributing innovative ideas to overcome system bottlenecks.

Our hero collaborates with the Cancer Management Team and Service Improvement Leads to enhance the patient journey continually.

This involves data entry into the Cancer Database and identifying opportunities to adjust the patient journey, documented in patient case notes and the database.

Professional responsibilities involve strict adherence to Trust Policies and Procedures, navigating employment acts, and championing equality and diversity.

4. Administration and Operational Support

In the realm of administrative prowess, a thrilling opportunity awaits three motivated Administration and Operational Support Officers in the Intermediate Care Allocation Team (ICAT).

With a yearly salary ranging from £22,816 to £24,336, these ELHT jobs officers will be instrumental in delivering services across Pennine Lancashire through ICAT, Intensive Home Support Service (IHSS), and the District Nursing Service (DNS).

These officers will be the backbone of the team, providing professional and efficient administration and data analysis for the service.

Armed with an understanding of databases and referral data input, they’ll offer proactive and responsive operational support to various key players within the team.

The core responsibilities include maintaining effective processes and systems for the inputting of referral activity and related administrative functions.

Operating 24/7, the ICAT, IHSS, and DNs demand a commitment to providing responsive services and managing workloads efficiently to meet reporting and processing deadlines.

Duties encompass daily data input, ensuring accuracy on electronic systems, and contributing to productivity and reporting processes.

A stellar telephone manner is essential when receiving referrals from GPs, Social Services, Hospital Wards, and Community Services.

Officers will adeptly utilize electronic information systems like EMIS, Liquid Logic, CERNER, ICE, LAS, STRATA, and email referrals to record team and patient activities within set deadlines.

5. Care Support Worker – Emergency Department

In the realm of healthcare, exciting ELHT jobs await Care Support Workers at the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital’s Emergency Department.

With a yearly salary of £22,383, this full-time position requires an individual with unwavering motivation, passionate about providing the highest standard of care to people and children with respect and dignity.

This dynamic role involves active participation as a team member in the bustling ED team, covering a diverse population and serving as a major trauma unit.

The Care Support Workers will play a vital role in taking the department forward, showcasing commitment, flexibility, and approachability.

Effective communication skills and the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team are key, with a flexible approach to meet the demands of a rapidly changing clinical environment while embodying ELHT values and behaviors.

Care Support Workers will be part of the clinical team, providing care to the highest standard and assisting in various tasks, including patient undressing, cleaning/disinfecting, safe patient transfer, and maintaining hygiene standards.

Recognizing and responding to urgent situations, ensuring infection control measures, and participating in the Major Incident Procedure are all part of this multifaceted role.

Supported by a team of Matrons, Senior Sisters, and Practice educators, the Care Support Workers will have opportunities for further study and development.

The Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital’s Emergency Department, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, caters to both adults and children, with a large catchment area and a purpose-built helipad for serious cases.

6. Receptionist / Clerical officer

In a part-time role with an annual salary ranging from £22,816 to £24,336, exciting ELHT jobs have emerged for a Receptionist/Clerical Officer at the ELHT Community Administration Team.

Based in the Burnley locality, including Padiahm HC & St Peter’s Health Centre, this permanent position involves working four hours per day between 8 am and 8 pm, with potential travel across sites after training.

The role requires exceptional communication skills and a commitment to improving patient services.

Operating within the Health Centre, the Receptionist/Clerical Officer will handle a busy switchboard, answer queries, and operate the electronic booking system for the Treatment Room Service.

The working hours at St Peter’s vary from 7.45 am to 11.45 am, Monday to Friday, potentially including occasional evenings and Saturday mornings.

Key responsibilities include booking patient appointments, maintaining filing systems, and ensuring the smooth operation of the Treatment Room.

This role demands versatility, effective multitasking, and collaboration within the team and independently, prioritizing, organizing, and planning work efficiently.

Supported by a dedicated team, the Receptionist/Clerical Officer will undergo a structured training program, receive supervision and support, and participate in a comprehensive appraisal system to encourage personal development.

As a member of the ELHT family, this position comes with a company pension and generous holiday entitlement.

This multifaceted role encompasses general inquiry and reception services, switchboard operation, appointment booking, security management, handling correspondence, and administrative support for health professionals.

It also involves equipment checks, maintaining stock levels, and liaising with contractors.

7. Improving Uptake Officer

In the role of an Improving Screening Uptake Officer, the individual, with an annual salary ranging from £28,407 to £34,581, becomes an integral part of a dynamic team of ELHT jobs dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the diabetic eye screening program.

Operating on a full-time basis, this officer is tasked with providing proactive, public-facing support to the diabetic eye screening team to boost screening uptake across the program’s geography.

Key Responsibilities are here.

  • Initiating and contributing to new uptake projects, ensuring a quality service for all users.
  • Focusing on reducing health inequalities by developing interventions to improve screening uptake for vulnerable groups.
  • Actively engaging with system partners to enhance screening uptake, providing essential knowledge of the screening program.
  • Using evidence and best practices from regional and national screening programs to inform the work.
  • Maintaining records for timely quarterly and end-of-year reports, contributing to the overall service annual report.

Lancashire Diabetic Eye Screening, covering over 78,000 eligible diabetic patients across 2800 square miles, operates from two bases in Barrowford and Blackpool.

Since April 2019, the screening service has been provided by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Specific Priorities are below. 

  • Increasing uptake for individuals who haven’t attended a screening in 3 years.
  • Reducing DNA/Non-responder frequency in populations with the lowest uptake.
  • Supporting individuals with learning disabilities to access diabetic eye screening.
  • Developing an Improving Uptake Plan outlining key initiatives for the next 6-12 months.

8. Clerical Officer – District Nursing Service

In an exciting part-time opportunity with an annual salary of £22,383, the ELHT District Nursing Service invites enthusiastic individuals to join their team with ELHT jobs.

This permanent position involves providing administrative support within the district nursing service, fostering a commitment to improving patient services.

The selected candidate will work in a neighborhood team, adapting tasks and duties as the service evolves.

Flexibility and initiative are crucial attributes for completing tasks, as the post holder aligns with a specific team and responds to service needs by providing cover on various sites, ensuring a consistent, high-quality service.

Emphasizing teamwork and a customer-centric approach, the service values confidentiality, requiring the post holder to have prior administration experience and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

ELHT, established in 2003, is a renowned healthcare organization that prioritizes safety, quality, workforce development, effective partnerships, and innovation.

The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic, flexible, and motivated individual with strong IT skills, exceptional communication abilities, and organizational prowess.

Flexibility is key, as the role may involve working on different sites or covering alternative shifts to meet service needs.

9. Subject Access Clerk

In these part-time ELHT jobs offering an annual salary between £22,816 and £24,336, the incumbent assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the office within the Trust.

The role involves implementing and maintaining office procedures to process subject access requests from solicitors, patients, and external agencies. The primary responsibilities include the following.

  • Monitoring the submission and accuracy of subject access applications, ensuring compliance with Department of Health legislation.
  • Accurately recording and controlling subject access requests through the Trust Datix System to adhere to legislative requirements.
  • Ensuring adherence to the Data Protection Act by monitoring and reporting non-compliance to senior management.
  • Requesting and processing case notes and associated records for subject access requests, including data stored electronically or in paper format.
  • Dispatching appropriate sections of case notes within statutory timescales and omitting sections for redaction.
  • Obtaining clinical consent before releasing information and ensuring it is completed within the statutory timeframe.
  • Forwarding requests for radiology, physiotherapy, etc., to relevant departments.
  • Liaising with the Trust regarding access to case notes and legal requests.

The Trust emphasizes a well-managed, flexible working environment that supports staff welfare and development, promoting equality and diversity.

Zero Tolerance is maintained for aggression, violence, bullying, and harassment.

The role involves generating invoices, processing payments, arranging appointments for record viewing, and providing direct supervision to the Access Support Clerk.

Additionally, responsibilities include collating monthly summaries of subject access requests, liaising with other hospitals for legal requests, processing documentation for various agencies, participating in the scanning process, and maintaining filing systems in line with national retention guidelines.

The incumbent is expected to prioritize and organize their workload, report incidents affecting staff safety, and be flexible in terms of hours and hospital sites based on service needs.

The completion of Incident Reporting Forms and awareness of Major Incident Procedures are also part of the role’s responsibilities.

10. ICAT Coordinator

In these part-time ELHT jobs offering an annual salary between £25,147 and £27,596, the incumbent joins ICAT and IHSS, delivering services across Pennine Lancashire to provide rapid responses to patients facing acute or subacute episodes of illness in their homes.

The expansion of urgent/crisis community response programs necessitates additional ICAT Co-Ordinators, and the post holder will contribute to a 24-hour rota across seven days, including bank holidays.

The successful candidate becomes part of a multi-professional team, primarily supporting day-to-day functions such as efficiently receiving, triaging, and accepting referrals for various programs, including Intensive Home Support, the 2-hour crisis/urgent community response, Covid Virtual Ward referrals, care home pathways, and more.

Managing the active caseload, ensuring crisis care is in place, and responding to patient, carer, and family queries are integral responsibilities.

The role involves assisting the ICAT team and Intensive Home Support professionals with front-line duties, including office-based tasks and face-to-face assessments, requiring an excellent telephone manner and the ability to work under pressure.

Based at Burnley General Hospital, the ICAT and Intensive Home Support Service operate 24/7, and the candidate is expected to work on a rota to cover these hours.

The ideal candidate possesses significant experience in the health and social care sector, with expertise in holistic assessments and care plan reviews.

The role demands the ability to independently assess situations and make person-centered recommendations.

Challenges include fluctuations in demand and the unpredictable nature of responding to people in crisis or urgent care situations, requiring the ability to remain calm and focused in distressing scenarios.

11. Nursing Associate – Ward B24

In these full-time ELHT jobs offering an annual salary between £25,147 and £27,596, an exciting opportunity awaits a band 4 nursing associate to join the silver SPEC Trauma and Orthopaedic team.

The 23-bed ward specializes in nursing acute trauma, complex fractures/injuries, and complex elective Orthopaedic patients.

With a nurse staffing ratio of 4 RNs & 4 HCAs on long days and 2 RNs & 3 HCAs on nights, the team operates on 12-hour day and night shifts.

Working closely with the MDT, including the trauma team, fracture clinic, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and dietitians, the team upholds values such as putting patients first, respecting the individual, acting with integrity, serving the community, and promoting positive change.

General duties involve administering medication, recording physiological observations, wound care, managing complex patients with multiple fractures/injuries, escalating care when needed to the MDT and Acute Care Team, and handling pain management and nutrition delivery.

The role includes caring for patients pre and post-operative, emphasizing accurate documentation, involvement of patients in their care, and delivering safe, personal, and effective care.

The vision is to be widely recognized for providing safe, personal, and effective care, treating over 700,000 patients annually. The team seeks enthusiastic nursing associates, offering a rotational post with night and weekend shifts.

While experience in the area is desirable, it is not essential.

The ideal candidate possesses excellent communication skills, punctuality, flexibility, and a strong work ethic, dedicated to delivering high-standard nursing care in alignment with the Trust’s vision.

Friendly, empathetic, and patient individuals are encouraged to apply.

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To Conclude

Join ELHT for a rewarding career where your skills contribute to the well-being of individuals and the community.

As part of a dedicated team, you’ll work toward the common goal of providing exceptional healthcare services.

Explore diverse ELHT jobs in clinical and administrative roles, and be part of an inclusive organization that values equality, diversity, and continuous development.

At ELHT, your future isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to contribute to the health and happiness of those they serve.

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