24 Apr, 2024

Write For us

Write For us
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Welcome to BlogStory! We appreciate your interest in guest posting (Write for Us) on our website.

BlogStory is an engaging platform that values quality over quantity.

If you’re looking to establish backlinks and build relationships with fellow bloggers, you’ve come to the right place.

At BlogStory, we are committed to helping you grow your genuine audience, acquire valuable backlinks, boost your authority on Google, improve your SERP ranking (SEO), and much more.

[Guest Posting Guidelines For Blogstory] [Update 2024]

  • Your content should be plagiarism-free (Copyscape) and structured with SEO elements such as H2, H3, and H4 headings.
  • Ensure that your content is SEO-friendly, informative, and free of spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Articles should be between 1000 and 3000 words in length.
  • We only accept copyright-free images from sources like Freepik, Unsplash, and Pixabay.
  • Your topic should be new and market-trending, aligning with the interests of our audience.
  • We do not accept affiliate links, or links to drug, smoking, or adult websites.
  • To submit your article, please use the Contact Page on our website or send it to join.edwardwalker@gmail.com.

Start boosting your domain authority, expanding your network, and increasing brand awareness through guest posting on Blogstory today!

Website: Blogstory.co.uk

Email: join.edwardwalker@gmail.com

Guest Posting on Blogstory: Unlocking Benefits For You

Guest posting on Blogstory can provide you with several benefits, including:

Boosting Your Domain Authority:

At Blogstory, we value authenticity and uniqueness.

By contributing to our website, you have the opportunity to enhance your website’s domain authority.

We focus on providing our audience with valuable information related to various topics, including business and finance, helping small businesses achieve their goals through educational and inspiring content.

Increasing Traffic:

Our goal is to address the problems faced by small businesses and deliver relevant information through SEO-friendly content.

By guest posting on our website, you can attract consistent traffic to your own website.

We regularly update our content with the latest trends in the business niche and welcome your expertise to share valuable insights.

Expanding Your Network:

With a global audience of thousands, Blogstory offers you the chance to connect with business and finance enthusiasts worldwide.

Guest posting allows you to broaden your audience, gain exposure, and expand your network as a blogger or writer.

Improving Domain Appraisal:

Posting on a high authority domain like Blogstory can enhance the evaluation of your own website.

Our collaboration can contribute to improving the overall value and worth of your domain.

Boosting SERP Ranking:

By participating in our guest posting program, you can expect a significant boost in your website’s search engine ranking.

Our website is dedicated to meeting the evergreen needs of business entrepreneurs, creating content valued by both the audience and search engines.

Linking back to our high-ranking web pages can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking in the long term.

Link Building:

Blogstory provides high-quality backlinks that can contribute to your website’s higher ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP).

Our link-building service helps new audiences discover your site, thereby increasing brand exposure and search engine visibility.

Social Media Exposure:

At Blogstory, we strive to maintain a close relationship with our audience by actively sharing updates and engaging on various social media platforms.

With over 1 lakh+ followers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we offer substantial social media exposure to guest authors.

Brand Awareness:

As an authority site in the finance and business niche, Blogstory can help increase your website’s brand value and raise awareness.

By publishing your guest posts on our platform, you have the opportunity to gain exposure from our wide base audience and extensive social media following.

Guest Post Guidelines for High-Quality, Latest UK Business & Finance Topics

At [Blogstory], we value the importance of providing our readers with valuable, informative, and authentic articles.

To maintain the highest content quality standards, please follow the guidelines below when submitting your guest post:

Authenticity and Innovation:

We seek genuine and innovative articles that offer unique perspectives and insights.

Your content should be original, authentic, and free from plagiarism.

We do not accept any form of copied or plagiarized content.

Relevant Topics:

As a UK-based website focused on business and finance, we expect guest posts to align with these niches.

Please refer to our regular posts to get an idea of the topics we cover.

Some examples include business ideas, financial market trends, marketing strategies, investment advice, and more.

*Note that we do not accept articles related to tobacco, gambling, or adult sites.

Formatting and Readability:

We encourage well-structured and readable articles.

Use headings, bullet points, italics, underlining, and bold formatting to enhance readability.

Aim for clean and professional formatting to make your content visually appealing.


You are welcome to include links in your article, but they should be relevant and coherent.

We do not accept promotional links or those related to adult sites, tobacco sites, or gambling sites.

Only include links from reputable and quality websites.

If your article meets a 1000-word minimum requirement, you will receive do-follow links in the author bio section.

Word Limit:

We require a minimum word count of 1000 words for guest posts.

We encourage you to surpass this limit to provide our readers with more valuable information.

Sponsored Posts:

For those interested in publishing sponsored posts, please contact us directly at [ join.edwardwalker@gmail.com] to discuss the available options.

Image Guidelines:

Images play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of your guest post.

Include at least three high-quality images that are below 100 KB in size.

Ensure that the images are free from copyright restrictions.

Removal Request Policy:

Once your guest post is published on our website, it becomes the property of [Blogstory.co.uk], and we do not entertain removal requests. Please consider this before submitting your article.

Author Bio:

When submitting your guest post, provide the following essential information:

  • Your email address (kept confidential)
  • A brief 50-word bio (with the option to include a link to your organization’s website)
  • A small headshot for the author’s bio
  • Optional social media link for promotion
  • Note that the guest post will be presented on your behalf and not attributed to any company.

Thank you for considering [Blogstory] for your guest post submission. We look forward to receiving your high-quality content that aligns with our guidelines. For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Write For Us | Guest Blogging Website in The UK

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Guest Posting Still Effective?

Ans: Yes, guest posting remains an effective strategy for building online authority.

It provides an opportunity to showcase your expertise, gain exposure, and attract relevant traffic to your website, all without incurring any cost.

2. How Does Guest Posting Help With SEO?

Ans: Guest posting plays a significant role in SEO by helping to build authority and credibility.

Search engines like Google prioritize websites with established authority when ranking search results.

By contributing valuable content to reputable websites through guest posting, you can earn backlinks, increase your website’s visibility, and improve your SEO performance.

3. Is Guest Posting Worth It in 2024?

Ans: Absolutely! Guest blogging continues to be a valuable tool for individuals launching their websites in 2024.

It offers numerous benefits, including expanding your online presence, establishing connections within your industry, and reaching a wider audience.

By providing high-quality guest posts on relevant and reputable platforms, you can enhance your reputation, increase brand awareness, and drive targeted traffic to your site.

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Final Thoughts

Guest blogging is a powerful and cost-effective tool for establishing authority and promoting your brand.

It offers a valuable opportunity to showcase your expertise, reach a wider audience, and enhance your brand’s reputation.

By seeking guest blogging opportunities on relevant websites, you can tap into an existing readership and benefit from the credibility of established platforms.

It’s a strategic approach that can help your brand grow and gain recognition within your industry.

Embrace the opportunities it presents and start exploring guest blogging today to unlock the potential for brand growth.