5 Top Fitness Trends For 2024
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5 Top Fitness Trends For 2024

Every year, brand-new fitness trends come along, and 2024 is no different.

However, this time, we are seeing developments that promise to overhaul how we think about training, improving results and long-term outcomes.

This post looks at some of the trends occurring in the industry and what they mean to you as someone who enjoys going to the gym, playing sports, or keeping physically active.

1. Stability And Balance

Thanks to the input of doctors like Peter Attia, 2024 will likely see an increased focus on stability and balance over raw strength or power.

While the latter two are necessary, it is becoming clear that the former are also integral to long-term health and longevity.

Being stable on your feet requires specific types of training that differ from conventional four-day splits at the gym.

Trainees must include more functional exercises, such as rucking or farmer’s walks, targeting the peripheral, minor muscles responsible for balance.

Developing these, proponents believe, can help practitioners build more rounded strength that serves them better in times of need (such as during falls).

Options for training stability and balance include:

  • Single-leg exercises
  • Yoga and tai chi
  • Using more boxes and jumps in the gym
  • Lifting irregularly-shaped weights

2. Tech Integration

Tech integration is another fitness trend that will become increasingly prevalent throughout 2024 (as it did during 2023).

Quantifying workouts is going mainstream, with people using smart devices and trackers to chronicle everything they do.

This trend upends the traditional pen-and-paper approach to recording workouts.

Sophisticated devices log reps, sets, and other movements, showing how your current gym session compares to your previous ones.

However, there are many other applications, including:

  • AI-built, customized workouts linked to your nutrition and sleep levels
  • Motorized machines that automatically adjust to fit you (instead of requiring you to play around with various knobs and buttons to change them to an appropriate position)
  • Increased gamification of movement

3. Personalized Nutrition Plans

The fitness industry is also seeing the emergence of personalized nutrition plans.

Precision diets emphasize the use of data and technology to recommend meals.

Several leading doctors and medical professionals are popularising the idea, including Dr. David Katz, Dr. Eric Topol, and Dr. Catherine Shanahan.

These researchers and physicians believe that genetics determine how people’s bodies respond to food and that this effect differs considerably from person to person.

Multiple companies are also operating in the space.

These will likely build on Huel’s success, offering glucose monitoring, DNA testing, nutritional recommendations, and allergy information.

4. Longevity As The New Goal

The fitness industry is also likely to switch to viewing longevity as the overriding goal, not strength, endurance, stamina, or physical beauty.

This trend comes from the work of numerous longevity researchers and enthusiasts on social media, including Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Brad Stanfield, and Dr. Mark Hyman.

Living longer requires embracing the optimal training schedule, diet plan, and supplement routine.

However, knowledge of these approaches is limited.

Conventional training is healthy but doesn’t necessarily extend lifespan, while longevity-focused systems purport to do so.

These new longevity-focused training approaches are trying to fix that. Significant changes include:

  • An emphasis on whole foods
  • The inclusion of numerous supplements with promising clinical effects
  • Adding more herbs and spices to the diet
  • Avoiding eating all the time and engaging in regular fasting
  • Doing exercise intensely but less frequently
  • Engaging in regular movement throughout the day
  • Regular relaxation and spending time with family
  • Taking time out from work and other responsibilities

5. Going Outdoors More

Finally, 2024 may see the rise of people embracing outdoor fitness instead of cooping themselves up inside a gym.

Enthusiasts, trainees, and clients want to maximize the benefits of getting out in the open air, cycling, jogging, kayaking, boating, swimming, and even base jumping.

Of course, hiring a personal trainer who has completed their level 3 personal trainer course for these activities is still a good idea.

You want someone who can provide proper guidance and training in an unstructured environment.

However, it does get you out of the gym and prevents all your workouts from feeling the same.

Technology is enabling this trend, too. Trackers and GPS systems mean you can monitor your calorie usage while seeing where you need to go next.

Outdoor fitness is more joy-promoting than going to a gym when the weather is nice.

Being outside makes you feel better than exercising inside an air-conditioned building.

So, there you have it: our top five fitness trends coming in 2024.

Which will you be trying?

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