Takexes: Everything You Need To Know About It
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Takexes: Everything You Need To Know About It

Welcome to the realm of TAKEX or Takexes, where innovation meets security to create a legacy that spans decades.

Established as part of the prestigious Takenaka Sensor group in Japan, TAKEX has evolved into a leading force in the world of Security and Industrial Sensors.

With a history rooted in groundbreaking technology and a commitment to excellence, TAKEX has been safeguarding people, properties, and critical infrastructures for over 55 years.

Join us as we explore the diverse range of cutting-edge sensors designed to meet the stringent demands of a global market.

Takexes: All About

Imagine a security superhero born in 1990, known as TAKEX EUROPE LTD!

This cool sidekick is the European branch of the Takenaka Sensor Group and has been kicking butt in the perimeter security scene for over 30 years.

Armed with an awesome arsenal, TAKEX EUROPE LTD boasts Photoelectric Beams, indoor and outdoor PIR (that’s Passive Infrared, fancy, huh?), motion-activated Voice Speakers, and Ultraviolet Flame Sensors.

These gadgets aren’t just for show; they’ve earned their stripes by being the go-to choice for top-notch places like Royal palaces, Government offices, and Military strongholds worldwide.

So, if you want security that’s not just good but superhero-level great, TAKEX EUROPE LTD is your trusty sidekick in the fight against sneaky intruders!

Brief History

Nestled within the esteemed Takenaka Sensor group in Japan, TAKEX, or Takexes stands tall as the foremost producer of Security and Industrial Sensors, catering to the needs of a dynamic global market.

Birth of a Tech Marvel (05/1959)

  • Takenaka Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. emerged in Kyoto, Japan, thanks to the genius of Mr. Shinsaku Takenaka.
  • Unveils the world’s first transistor optical sensor and photoelectric counter.

Expanding Frontiers (02/1964)

  • HQ and factory rise proudly, overlooking Kyoto Higashi Interchange, Meishin Expressway.
  • Mr. Takenaka pens “Photoelectric Control and its Application,” the first book on photoelectric sensor tech in Japan.

Awards and Milestones (10/1971 – 01/1975)

  • Bags the Invention Incentive Prize.
  • Launches Takenaka Opesate System and spawns offspring like Takenaka Group Center Co., Ltd., Takenaka Optonic Co., Ltd., and Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • TAKEX or TAKEXES Higashi-Inter Building stands tall.

Celebrations and Recognition (06/1973 – 01/1982)

  • Earns kudos as an excellent tax-reporting enterprise.
  • Venture Capital Fund KED gives a thumbs-up.
  • The tenth Anniversary of the Takenaka Opesate System is declared a milestone.

Global Presence (07/1982 – 03/1990)

  • TAKEX America Inc. was born in California, U.S.A.
  • TAKEX Europe Ltd. emerges in the U.K.

Honors and Achievements (04/1990 – 01/2017)

  • Mr. Shinsaku Takenaka received the National Medal of Honor with a Yellow Ribbon.
  • The Takenaka family grows with Higashino and Nishino Buildings.
  • Awards galore: Engineering Prize, Invention Prize, and more.

Innovation Lab (03/2005)

  • TAKEX Laboratories Co., Ltd. steps into the spotlight.

Golden Jubilee (11/2009 – 09/2011)

  • Celebrates Takenaka Sensor Group’s 50th Anniversary.
  • Unveils the “Takenaka Sensor Group 50-years history.”
  • Grabs the “Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director Encouragement Award.”

Building the Future (01/2017 – 11/2017)

  • TAKEX Dai-ni Higashino Building completes the ensemble.
  • Adds another accolade: the “Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director Award.”
  • TAKEX: Where innovation meets history, creating a sensor saga that spans decades!

Sensor Guardians

For over 55 years, TAKEX’s vigilant detection sensors have shielded lives and assets, securing homes, businesses, and industrial sites, even standing guard over the realms of Royal, Government, and Military entities across the globe.

Specializing in Active Infrared Beams for top-notch Perimeter Protection and Outdoor PIR for triggering CCTV and detecting intruders, TAKEX sensors are crafted to harmonize exacting, trustworthy security with unparalleled reliability and capturing prowess in every outdoor setting.

Infrared Vigilance: Unleash the power of point-to-point infrared detection, perfect for crafting medium to long-range perimeter intruder systems spanning up to 200m / 660ft.

PIR Mastery: Choose from our array of indoor and outdoor passive infrared sensors, providing volumetric protection for your valuable properties.

Attention Alarms: Employ these versatile sensors to deliver warm welcome messages, safeguard emergency doors, discourage intruders, or activate warning messages when needed.

Flame Watchers: Experience swift flame detection with our UV sensors, perfectly suited for safeguarding diesel engine rooms and open environments.

Stealthy Beam Towers: Camouflage the number and location of beams from potential intruders using our sturdy wall or floor-mounted Towers.

Precision Industrial Eyes: Dedicated to crafting and delivering top-notch industrial sensors, we specialize in providing high-quality solutions for a diverse range of applications.

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To Conclude

As we journey through TAKEX’s sensor saga, we unveil a tapestry of technological milestones, awards, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

From the watchful gaze of Infrared Beams to the precision of Flame Sensors, each product reflects TAKEX’s unwavering dedication to security solutions.

Whether it’s protecting high-level institutions or ensuring the safety of industrial spaces, TAKEX remains at the forefront of innovation.

Thank you for stepping into the world of TAKEX or TAKEXES, where every sensor tells a story of reliability, performance, and a commitment to a secure future.

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