Jobs Working From Home: Top 26 Options To Try This
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Jobs Working From Home: Top 26 Options To Try This

Hey there! Jobs working from home seekers.

Let’s face it—not everyone dreams of being stuck in an office from 9 to 5 every weekday.

And guess what?

Not all of us have the fancy degrees or loads of work experience for those high-flying jobs.

But here’s the kicker: pretty much all of us crave job security and a sweet, steady paycheck.

Hold onto your hat because we’ve got some exciting news!

Imagine landing a job without needing any fancy experience, and the best part?

You can do it right from the comfort of your favorite recliner!


We’re about to spill the beans on some awesome remote jobs that don’t require any experience.

Let’s dive in!

Top Jobs Working From Home: For 2024

working from home jobs

What’s all the rage these days?

Working from home—that’s right, it’s like the hottest trend in town!

Well, they spilled the beans—they craved more flexibility, more happiness, and, of course, a fatter paycheck.

Now, if you’re someone who’s got the self-motivation dialed up to the max and considers yourself a bit of a go-getter, listen up.

Part-time jobs working from home might just be your ticket to happiness and success.

Whether you’re into customer service, social media wizardry, or even dreaming of becoming a travel agent or transcriptionist, these jobs let you earn a living from pretty much anywhere.

Cool, right?

1. Online Teacher

Online Teacher job

Check this out: potential earnings of $30,000 to $40,000 per year!

Schools are hopping on the online education trend, and you can cash in, licensed teacher or not.

Subjects like science, English, and math are hot.

Teach through Zoom, Skype, or pre-recorded sessions.

K12 is an option with perks like health insurance and retirement savings.

If you’re not a licensed teacher, try Outschool.

Create courses with flexible rates, hours, and subjects.

Teach on your terms!

2. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist job

Check this out: potential earnings range from $15 to $30 on an hourly basis, depending on your experience!

Being a transcriptionist is all about turning spoken words from audio and video into written gold.

It might sound straightforward, but it takes some serious skills.

You’ve got to type like a champ, super fast and super accurate.

Some even use cool gadgets like a foot pedal to control audio recordings.

But here’s the exciting part: there are tons of remote transcription gigs waiting for you.

If you’re just starting, hit up job sites like Rev or Scribie for paying jobs working from home.

You can also offer your awesome skills on platforms like Fiverr.

Feeling bold?

Reach out to companies or entrepreneurs directly—pitch your transcription talents.

If you’re a podcast fan, who knows, maybe your favorite show needs someone to transcribe those epic episodes!

3. Virtual Nurse/Telemedicine

Virtual Nurse/Telemedicine

Check this out: potential earnings hovering around $61,000 per year!

Do you have a nursing degree?

Well, you can rock the virtual nurse scene, providing assistance over the phone or through the internet.

Virtual nurses use the power of the web to monitor vital signs, connect with virtual command centers, advise patients online, and handle other cool duties.

Want in?

These jobs are up for grabs at hospitals and health centers.

Just apply like you would for traditional nursing jobs working from home and dive into the virtual nursing adventure!

4. Medical Coder

Medical Coder

Check this out: potential earnings of $60,000 per year!

Dive into the world of medical coding, a hot work-from-home career.

As a remote medical coder, your job working from home is to review patient records, ensuring the right diagnosis and procedure codes are spot on.

It’s like the secret code to billing patients and insurance companies accurately.

Now, to unlock this opportunity, a bit of training is needed.

You can go for in-person courses or opt for online programs.

Having some training or certification boosts your chances of snagging an entry-level role.

Here’s the kicker: companies are on the lookout for remote medical coders, whether on a contract basis or as part- or full-time employees. Time to crack the code!

5. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Check this out: potential earnings clocking in at $28,000 per year!

Feeling the work-from-home vibes but unsure where to kick things off?

Work-from-home customer service jobs might be your ticket.

Many companies, including big names like Apple, American Express, and U-Haul, are on the lookout for remote customer service reps to tackle customer questions, concerns, and complaints.

The best part?

They usually dish out training, and you’ll snag a fixed schedule.

Just a heads up, it might rotate, especially if it’s a 24-hour hustle.

Like call center agents, you can swing this either full- or part-time.

Ready to dive into the world of customer service from your own space?

6. Call Center Agent

Call Center Agent

Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $30,000 to $40,000 per year!

Ever thought about being a remote center agent?

It’s like traditional call centre jobs working from home but from the comfort of your own space.

Picture this: sales, telemarketing, customer service, and support, all in the remote realm.

Depending on the job, you might handle incoming or outgoing calls.

Some companies prefer a bit of call center experience, but hey, don’t sweat it if you’re new to the game—they usually offer training.

Plus, you can roll with this either full- or part-time.

Ready to dial into a new adventure?

7. Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

Check this out: potential earnings hitting $37,000 per year!

If you’re on the hunt for a legit, non-phone-based job working from home, think about becoming a search engine evaluator.

Your job?

Dive into the world of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, evaluating search results to boost the overall user experience.

To ace this, you’ll need top-notch web research skills, analytical chops, and excellent communication.

Heads up, there’s usually an exam to clear before you dive in.

The beauty of it?

Flexible hours!

Plan to put in around 35 hours per week.

Ready to enhance those search engine vibes?

8. Amazon Remote Employee

Amazon Remote Employee

Check this out: potential earnings spanning from $10 per hour to $50,000 per year, depending on the work-from-home data entry jobs and your experience!

Guess what?

You can make money with Amazon in various ways, including jobs working from home.

They’ve got everything from customer service roles and technical support to data entry and even supply chain management.

Now, the nitty-gritty of your job will depend on what you’re signing up for, so dive into that job listing to get the full scoop.

For the latest opportunities, head over to Amazon’s Virtual Locations jobs page.

And here’s the deal: these positions can be hourly, part-time, or full-time.

Ready to explore the Amazon work-from-home wonderland?

9. Insurance Claims Investigator

Insurance Claims Investigator

Check this out: potential earnings range from $47,000 to $66,000 per year for full-time work!

Imagine being an insurance claims investigator, safeguarding insurance companies from fraud by digging into and validating claims made by policyholders.

While you’ll mostly be rocking it from home, there might be times when you’ll hit the field for interviews or to snap some pictures.

Here’s the scoop: no need for formal education or training, but you’ll be the star of the show with excellent communication, research, and interview skills.

Bonus – many companies offer on-the-job training and keep the learning vibes going with continuing education.

Ready to dive into the world of insurance claims investigation?

10. Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerk

Check this out: potential earnings reaching $27,000 per year for full-time work!

Imagine diving into the world of data entry—a flexible, entry-level job working from home.

Picture this: companies bringing you on board to work your magic, inputting data into software systems, transferring crucial information, and keeping records up to date.

To thrive in this realm, being detail-oriented is your superpower.

You’ll effortlessly navigate spreadsheets, showcasing strong organizational skills, and typing with lightning speed and accuracy.

Ready to embark on the data entry adventure?

11. Test Proctor

Test Proctor

Check this out: potential earnings averaging $12 per hour!

Imagine being a remote test proctor, just like the in-person ones.

Your job?

Verify the test taker’s ID and keep a watchful eye during the exam to ensure no cheating, maintaining the integrity of the test.

It’s all happening via webcam, so a solid internet connection and a top-notch camera and microphone are must-haves.

Now, the hours are a bit of a mixed bag, depending on the company you’re rocking with and when students decide to schedule their exams.

Ready to be the guardian of test integrity?

12. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor

Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $11 to $17 per hour!

Now, get this – even though camp counseling is usually an outdoor, in-person gig, there’s a twist.

Remote camp counselor jobs are a thing, especially for STEM-based camps.

Picture this: working with campers, teaching coding, conducting science experiments, diving into digital art, and so much more.

Here’s the deal: these jobs working from home are seasonal.

Perfect for college students gearing up to be teachers or stay-at-home parents looking to add a little extra cash to the piggy bank.

Ready to bring the camp vibes to the digital world?

13. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $15 to $75 per hour, depending on experience!

Meet the virtual assistants, or VAs for short, the online heroes hired to tackle business owners’ administrative tasks.

Picture this: diving into email management, calendar wrangling, social media wizardry, call transcribing, and customer service magic.

Now, to fast-track your virtual assistant journey, snag a training class to pick up the essential skills.

Ready to snag your first clients?

Reach out to small business owners, cruise sites like Upwork and Freelancer, or apply to work with virtual assistant companies that dish out hourly pay.

Ready to be the online admin wizard?

14. Freelance Proofreader

Freelance Proofreader

Check this out: potential earnings circling around $50,000 per year, depending on rates, experience, client load, and project type!

If you’re the grammar guru who spots typos from a mile away and fixes those cringe-worthy misspellings, proofreading might just be your jam.

Picture this: as a freelance proofreader, you’ll team up with various clients, helping them catch errors in their written and printed content.

Here’s a cool story – after hitting it big as a proofreader, Caitlin Pyle decided to share the wisdom.

She launched Proofread Anywhere, a course spilling the beans on the tools and skills you need to rock the proofreading game, covering everything from how to kick things off to where to find those awesome clients.

Curious if proofreading is your thing?

Dive into her free online workshop to find out!

15. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Check this out: potential earnings range from $30 to $500+ per assignment, depending on the challenge, experience, subject, and the length of the material!

Enter the world of freelance writers—those wordsmiths hired by websites, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and businesses to weave magic on a specific topic.

If you’re a stellar writer but not into running your own blog or website, here’s the move: become a hired pen and craft content for others.

To kick off your freelance writing journey, consider snagging a course on platforms like Udemy.

Learn the ropes, set your rates, and land those dream clients.

Oh, and don’t forget your portfolio of writing samples—it’s your ticket to winning over prospective clients.

If you’re new to freelancing and have a blog, use your original content until you’ve got client work to showcase.

Ready to turn your words into cash?

16. Web Designer

Web Designer

Check this out: potential earnings hitting around $50,000 per year, but as a freelancer, you can rake in more based on your rates, services, and client roster!

Picture this: business owners are on the hunt for sleek, professional websites to claim their spot on the internet.

If you’ve got coding chops and a keen eye for design, here’s your chance to cash in by designing websites for small businesses.

Now, if you’re eyeing that web designer title, buckle up and master the essentials—Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

And don’t forget to sharpen those coding skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ready to turn your design prowess into serious cash?

17. Seamstress


Check this out: potential earnings are variable!

If you’ve got a knack for handling a sewing machine or wielding a needle and thread, consider the world of working from home as a—it’s a solid job option.

You can score contracts with dress shops, working on alterations for weddings, bridesmaids, prom dresses, and other formal wear.

Alternatively, dive into the freelance scene, taking on custom projects such as crafting curtains, and slipcovers, or providing alterations for jeans and various clothing items.

Ready to stitch your way to success from the comfort of your home?

18. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $15 to $120+ per hour, depending on experience!

Mastered the art of social media?

Well, here’s a chance to turn that skill into a jobs working from home.

Offer your services, like creating and running ads, scheduling posts, managing messages, and keeping tabs on online groups.

Many businesses struggle to juggle crafting content and engaging with their audience.

That’s where you come in.

They often prefer to outsource these tasks, making room for work-from-home freelancers.

While some companies have in-house social media managers, the trend is shifting towards hiring part-time remote workers for cost-effectiveness.

If you’ve got a favorite platform, focus on becoming an expert in that niche.

Ready to be the social media maestro from the comfort of your home?

19. Survey Taker

Survey Taker

Check this out: potential earnings range from $5 to $200 per month, depending on eligibility and how many surveys you take part in!

Companies are eager to understand their potential customers better, seeking insights to enhance products and target audiences more effectively.

To make this happen, websites pay individuals to participate in online surveys.

While it’s not technically a job, you can earn money by taking surveys, and the best part—it requires no experience.

Beyond traditional surveys, platforms like Branded Surveys offer additional ways to earn, including answering daily polls, taking on referring friends, challenges, and redeeming offers from their social media accounts.

Score your first 100 points just by signing up!

Once you hit 1,000, you can cash out for gift cards, PayPal cash, or direct deposit (U.S. users only).

Ready to turn your opinions into some extra cash?

20. Blogger


Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $0 to $150,000+ per month!

If you’re into writing, and enjoy sharing your opinions, expertise, and recommendations, launching a blog could be your golden ticket.

Blogs serve as fantastic platforms to educate people about specific skills, entertain, or narrate your life experiences.

Write about anything that fuels your passion or showcases your expertise—be it books, fitness, organization, fashion, you name it!

Starting a blog requires zero experience or technical know-how, but a step-by-step tutorial might come in handy.

Oh, and don’t forget your domain name and hosting.

Opt for affordable options like HostGator to get your blog up and running.

Now, here’s where it gets exciting: money-making options for bloggers abound!

Dive into affiliate marketing, welcome paid advertisements, or venture into selling digital or physical products.

Ready to turn your writing passion into a lucrative blogging adventure?

21. Facebook Ads Specialist

Facebook Ads Specialist

Check this out: potential earnings of $47,000 per year for full-time work, but freelancers can rake in more or less, depending on experience, rates, client load, and the duration of ad campaigns!

Guess what?

Local businesses in your area might have a Facebook page, but they’re not tapping into the power of Facebook ads to attract more clients effectively.

That’s where you, the Facebook ads specialist, step in.

Craft ads that target specific audiences, manage advertising budgets, keep a watchful eye on campaigns, and more.

You’re not just helping local businesses grow; you’re also building your own business empire.

Becoming a Facebook ads specialist isn’t rocket science, but if you want to supercharge your skills, consider enrolling in a program like the FB Side Hustle Course.

These courses dish out wisdom on setting up the Facebook ad system and scoring those paying clients.

Ready to turn Facebook into your freelancing playground?

22. Microtasker


Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $50 to $130 per task, on average!

If you’re the hands-on type who loves making a difference in your local community, TaskRabbit could be your ticket to making money from the comfort of your home.

TaskRabbit is a nifty service app linking customers with folks who can lend a hand with tasks like mounting a TV, moving furniture, or tackling cleaning duties.

And that’s not all – you could find yourself building furniture, aiding in moves, or diving into home repairs.

To get on board with TaskRabbit, kick things off by submitting an online application and attending an informational session in your area.

Once you’ve sailed through the registration process, the TaskRabbit app keeps you in the loop about jobs in your area.

You get to set your rates and negotiate job details with the client, and after the job is done, simply submit your invoice through the TaskRabbit app.

Ready to turn your skills into cash from home?

23. App or Website Tester

App or Website Tester

Check this out: potential earnings vary based on the number of tests completed!

Just like getting paid for taking surveys, companies are willing to shell out some bucks for people to provide feedback on their websites.

Your insights on the user-friendliness of their websites are incredibly valuable.

Here are some places where you can sign up for jobs working from home.

  • WhatUsersDo – Paying $8 (or more) per test, with tests taking around 15-20 minutes. You’ll need a Mac or PC and a mic.
  • Enrol – Get paid to test websites before they hit the virtual streets and earn cash rewards.
  • Userfeel – This company pays around $10 per test.
  • Analysis – Tests take about 15 minutes, and you get $10 per test.
  • TryMyUI – Tests take 15-20 minutes, and you earn $10 per test.

While testing websites won’t make you a full-time living, it’s an excellent way to pocket some extra income.

Ready to turn your website-surfing skills into a side hustle?

24. Mock Juror

Mock Juror

Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $20 to $60 per case!

Picture this – as an online mock juror, you step into a simulated trial, listen to attorneys laying out evidence, and then dish out judgments based on what you’ve heard.

Your job?

Provide feedback to the lawyers on their arguments and answer questions that help them pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in their cases.

Want in?

Sign up with a trustworthy company like OnlineVerdict.

The best part?

The number of hours you put in is entirely in your hands.

Here’s the deal: the decisions you make aren’t legally binding and won’t determine someone’s guilt or innocence; they’re purely for informational purposes.

And just so we’re clear, this doesn’t count as a replacement for actual jury duty.

Ready to play the virtual juror from the comfort of your home?

25. E-commerce Store Owner

E-commerce Store Owner

Check this out: potential earnings ranging from $0 to $10,000+ per month!

Imagine being the mastermind behind an e-commerce store—a digital haven where you sell everything from digital delights like PDFs or printables to tangible treasures that call for inventory.

And the best part?

You’re running the show right from the comfort of your home.

Platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify make it a breeze to set up and launch your digital storefront.

Now, here’s the scoop on your earnings—it all hinges on what you’re selling, how frequently those sales roll in, and how energetically you market your products.

The beauty of it all?

You get to decide how many hours you want to invest. Ready to turn your home into an e-commerce empire?

26. Travel Agent

Travel Agent

Check this out: potential earnings starting at $47,000 per year but with room to increase through tips and commissions!

Ever dreamt of becoming a travel agent?

Well, here’s the scoop – travel agents are the wizards behind finding clients the best deals and crafting unforgettable experiences for their trips.

If you’re passionate about travel and love helping people plan their dream vacations, this might just be the gig for you.

While certification isn’t mandatory, some travel agents opt for it to enhance their skills.

Programs like The Travel Institute offer training that equips you with additional skills to better serve your clients.

You can even specialize in certain types of travel, whether it’s cruises or magical Disney World vacations.

Here’s the twist – instead of charging a fee, you earn a commission when your clients book their travel through you.

And the deals?

Oh, they’re pretty competitive, making it a breeze to convince clients to choose you for their travel plans.

Ready to turn your love for travel into a rewarding career?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I believe that after going through this article, you get the knowledge and understanding of jobs working from home.

Still here are some most commonly asked questions that people often encounter when considering this option.

So, let’s check them out.

Q1: How To Work From Home Jobs?

To set up your home office, make sure you have:

The necessary technology

A dedicated workspace

Reliable internet service

A structured schedule

Methods to stay connected with others

Q2: What Jobs Can I Do Working From Home?

Here, in this article I’ve already talked about the top work from home jobs you can try in 2024.

Q3: Does a Remote Job Mean Work From Home?

A remote job allows you to work from home, offering flexibility.

Remote workers use digital tools to collaborate and communicate with their teams.

It’s also known as jobs working from home (WFH) or telecommuting.

There are two types: fully remote and partially remote.

Platforms like FlexJobs connect job-seekers with remote opportunities.

Q4: How to Find Work From Home Jobs?

There are several job searching platforms that allow you to use the filter for only “jobs work from home.”

Apart from that here are some tips to grab work from jobs.

  • Update your social media handles.
  • Network online.
  • Update your portfolio and resume.
  • Understand all those common scams.
  • Read the listings properly.
  • Research the company.
  • Only apply for free positions.
  • Ask for references.

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Final Talks

In the realm of jobs working from home, possibilities are boundless.

From digital collaborations to the coziness of home offices, the landscape has evolved.

Whether fully or partially remote, the future of work is yours to shape.

Embrace the freedom, connect virtually, and redefine your career journey.

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