Most Expensive Private Schools UK? Monthly, Yearly, Full Package Fees
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Most Expensive Private Schools UK? Monthly, Yearly, Full Package Fees

When you think about private schools the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Most people consider private schools to be associated with the rich, or with celebrities. But, they aren’t the only children who go to private schools. The United Kingdom currently has about 2500 private schools with over 620,000 students. But how expensive are they? Here’s a look at some of the most expensive private schools in the UK:

Top 10 Most Expensive Private Schools in The UK

1) Eton College – £44,094 Per Year

Eton College

Considered to be one of the best and most expensive schools – Eton College is known for its facilities in drama, music, and design art. It also has provisions for sports that include the Thames Valley Athletics Stadium, and the rowing lake at Dorney.

With its well-rounded courses that include a plethora of extra-curricular activities, it has one of the highest success rates for entry to the top universities in the UK and USA.

Admission begins at 10 years of age, and the entire program has 1 foundation program, 2 years for GCSE, and 2 years for A-level exams or Pre-University.

Eton College Fees Structure:

Preliminary Fees:

Registration Fees £400
Acceptance Fees £3000 (£500 to be redundant when the student leaves the school and is subject to his final fees and any other charges levied)

School Fees:

Current fees £14167 per term (three terms a year).
King’s Scholars Maximum fees of 90% of current school fees
Music Scholars Maximum fees of 90% of current school fees

Miscellaneous Fees:

Absentee Fees £14167 per half
Withdrawal of students without notice £14167 per half


Music Fees £320 per half for lessons (30 minutes a week)
  £480 per half for lessons (45 minutes a week)
  £640 per half for lessons (60 minutes a week)
Extra Billed in arrears and depends on the activities the students take part in. Range from £500-£1000 per half.

2) Brighton College – £52,920 Per Year

Brighton College

Brighton College received the School of the Decade award from the Sunday Times in November 2020.

It is seen as one of the leading and most expensive private schools in the UK.

With its progressive outlook and its focus on individual student uniqueness – the school concentrates more on students being themselves than what societal pressure expects them to be.

Because of this, Brighton College has the highest rate of success with 97% A+ and B grades.

The school provides students with passionate teachers to help them become the best versions of themselves.

The main focus of the school is kindness and love, which separates the school from the rest on this list.

Brighton College Fees Structure:

Year Non-Boarders Fees Weekly Boarding Fees Full Boarding Fees (Home/EU students) Full Boarding Fees (Non-EU students)
9 – 4th Form £8110 £12,000 £13,300 £16,100
12 – Lower 6th £8500 £12,000 £13,900 £16,700

*The day fees include any tuition in the standard curriculum which includes sports and arts, 3-course lunch meals, and students’ personal accident insurance. The Boarding fees include all of the above-mentioned facilities, with accommodation, breakfast, a 3-course dinner, and laundry service.

3) Winchester College – £43,000 Per Year

Winchester College

Considered one of the oldest schools in the UK, it is one of the last four independent schools where they only have borders. The school is more traditional than the other schools on the list with a history spanning over 600 years.

One of the main reasons why Winchester College is famous is because the school pushes students to explore subjects in depth with studies beyond the set curriculum. Surrounded by 250 acres of Hampshire countryside, the students have a space to learn, work and enjoy nature freely.

Winchester College Fees Structure: 

Registration Fees £375 non-refundable
Acceptance of conditional offer £1000 to be refunded through Spring Term but is non-refundable if subsequently declined
Deposit Fees – accepted in November (Year 8) of the child’s acceptance. The amount is refunded within 4 months of a student leaving school. £10000
2021/2022 Boarding fees £43,335 p.a. (£14,445 per term)
2022/2023 Boarding fees £45,936 p.a. (£15,312 per term)
2022/2023 Day fees £33,990 p.a. (£11,330 per term)

*For any advance fees – a single lump sum amount is to be paid 5 years in advance of the child’s entry into the school.

**Any student requiring a Tier-4 visa will be required to pay a fee of £550

*** Winchester College offers financial support for students with exceptional talent in music, arts, sports, or academics.

4) Queen Ethelburga’s College – £53,000 per year

Queen Ethelburga’s College

Considered to be one of the most academically prosperous and most expensive private schools UK.

Queen Ethelburga has a success rate of 98% with students graduating from some of the top universities.

QE is one of the 4 independent co-educational schools for students from ages 3 months to 19 years of age.

With a personalized teaching approach, the school believes in building a community where each student’s scholastic and social qualities are developed.

Students are exposed to a large range of co-curricular activities that include art, music, sports, health, research, and community programs.

Queen Ethelburga’s Fees Structure:

International Students Fees Age Boarding Fees (Per Term)
Year 10 (GCSE 1) 14-15 years £15745
Year 11 (GCSE 2) 15-16 years £16195
Year 12 (Sixth Form) 16-17 years £16625
Year 13 (Sixth Form) 17-18 years £16625
Pre-A-Level (Sixth Form) £16625
UK Students Fees Day (Term basis) Day (monthly basis) Boarding School Fees (term basis)
Year 10 (GCSE 1) £5490 £1647 £12725
Year 11 (GCSE 2) £5490 £1647 £12725
Year 12 (Sixth Form) £5875 £1763 £13345
Year 13 (Sixth Form) £5875 £1763 £13345
Pre-A-Level (Sixth Form)   £13345

5) Concord College – £47500 Per Year

Concord College

Next on our list of the most expensive private schools, in the UK is Concord College.

This independent co-educational international school is situated on the grounds of Acton Burnell Castle in Shropshire, England.

The majority of their students are overseas students between the ages of 12-19 years.

The school adapts quickly to the latest ideas and lets students pursue their passions.

Concord College is seen as an intellectual powerhouse and students are held in high esteem due to their community ties.

Concord College Fees Structure:

For Boarding students, Concord College fees are £45,000 p.a.

This is all-inclusive of accommodation, tuition, extra-curricular activities (excluding horse riding), all meals, laundry services, and more.

Not included in This Are:

  • Public examination fees
  • Pocket money
  • Horse riding
  • Private tuition or musical instrument classes
  • Textbooks and stationery

6) Tonbridge School – £44,800 Per Year

Tonbridge School

Founded in 1553, Tonbridge School moved to its peasant location in the mid-19th century.

The school encourages its students to be intellectually curious and to think for themselves rather than following others.

The campus is situated on 150 acres of land, where students can enjoy the beauty of nature and be involved in society as well.

Students live in Victorian houses on the school grounds where the younger boys share four-bedded rooms, while older boys have two-bedded rooms.

Tonbridge School Fees Structure:

School Fees 2022-2023 (term basis)
Boarding Fees £15580
Day Fees £11689
Music Classes Fees 2022-2023
Per instrument (40-minute individual classes X 10 classes) £365 per term

7) Harrow School – £43700 Per Year

Harrow School

Next on our list of the most expensive private schools, in the UK is Harrow School. Founded in 1572, the school has taught over 7 British Prime Ministers. Even India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was an ex-student of Harrow School.

The school has a super-curriculum in place that focuses on specific aspects of studying that are not assessed normally. This includes habitual reading, reflection, debate, and independent research.

Students are allowed to select their only intellectually challenging courses that are taught in small groups with the main theme of problem-solving and independent learning.

Harrow School Fees Structure:

The fees for Harrow School are £13,925 per term (£43700 p.a.). This includes tuition, boarding, meals, textbooks, stationery allowance, and laundry services.

8) Wycombe Abbey – £41,300 Per Year

Wycombe Abbey

Considered to be one of the UK’s leading boarding schools for girls, next on our list of the most expensive private schools UK is Wycombe Abbey.

Founded by Dame Frances Dove, the school is dedicated to the development of every student’s talents and character.

Wycombe Abbey teaches students to strive for excellence, empathy, and integrity.

The school is established in Loakes Manor and was redesigned by celebrated architect James Wyatt.

The school boasts a gymnasium, a fully furnished library, Lancaster Arts Center, Archer Recital Hall, Davies Sports Center, an atrium cafe, and two new Boarding Houses.

Wycombe Abbey Fees Structure

Registration Fees: £250 non-refundable application fees (to be increased to £350 from September 2023)

Acceptance Deposit Fees: £2500 – When parents accept the offer for a spot in the school. The deposit is to be returned when the student leaves the school and is subject to the settlement of her final fees and any other charges.

Additional Deposit Fees: For students from other countries or those who require a Child Student Visa, need to pay an Additional Deposit of £11,250 with the Acceptance Deposit Fees.

*From September 2023, the Additional Deposit fees will be increased to £12,200 making the total £14,700.

Fees for the academic year 2022-2023 are:

Boarding per term: £14700

Day per term: £11500

*Boarding fees include tuition, boarding, meals, laundry services, personal accidental insurance, most game activities, stationery, textbooks, and multiple curriculum trips.

**Day fees include all of the above except laundry and lodging.

**Not included in these fees are any external exam fees, additional dance, drama, music classes, or special sports coaching.

9) Charterhouse School – £41500 Per Year

Charterhouse School

Founded in 1611, Charterhouse is a co-educational school dedicated to pioneering the educational progress of boys and girls.

The school values intellectual development and offers an array of extracurricular activities for all.

With over 800+ students, the school teaches students to live purposeful lives with an all-rounded curriculum.

Students are encouraged into their passions with a plethora of opportunities in the field of sports, science, art, linguistics, and music.

Nestled in the town of Godalming, the campus sits on 250 acres of land.

With international students from over 46 countries, Charterhouse School boasts a diverse learning experience for all.

Charterhouse School Fees Structure:

School Fees
  Term P.A.
Boarding Fees £13565 £40695
Day Fees £11210 £33630

Music Fees

1 instrument £42 per 40-minute lesson
2 instruments £38 per 40-minute lesson

10) Benenden School – £40848 per year

Benenden School

Our next most expensive private schools UK was founded in 1923 and is situated on 240 acres of vast lush fields in the Kent countryside.

With small classes and better student-teacher ratios, Benenden School stresses student academic development.

Students are allowed to thrive with an extensive curriculum that includes academic and extra-curricular activities together.

Benenden School Fees Structure:

Boarding Fees – £14501 per term

Day Fees – £10883 per term

Benenden offers financial assistance to help bright students move further in life.

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The above list of the most expensive private schools UK showcases some of the most expensive schools in the world.

It is no surprise that these schools come at a cost – based on their rich history and reputation.

Students who enter these schools become at the top of the top and with the help of the alumni can receive beneficial support to further their educational, personal, or career goals.

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