What To Do When You’re Denied Boarding on Scandinavian Airlines?
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What To Do When You’re Denied Boarding on Scandinavian Airlines?

You’re standing in line with your boarding pass, waiting to board your plane and start your vacation, but when you reach the customer service desk, the airline denies you boarding.

Being denied boarding can be a frustrating and shocking experience, so what do you do in this situation, and what are your denied boarding rights?

Keep reading to find out some tips to avoid being denied boarding, the steps to take when denied boarding, and what kind of SAS flight delay compensation you’re eligible for.

Pre-Boarding Proactivity

Being denied boarding can ruin your travel plans. follow these preboarding tips to avoid it from happening in the first place.

Ensuring Timely Check-In

Check in early and find your seat as soon as possible. If you board the plane last then it’s more likely you will be denied boarding due to overbooking.

Picking Your Spot Wisely

The best way to avoid being denied boarding is to choose your seat well in advance. You are less likely to be denied boarding if you have a paid seat or have booked a seat in business or first class.

Understanding Limits and Restrictions

Understand the airline’s limits and restrictions for boarding. If you understand the airline’s reasoning for denying boarding, such as improper travel documentation, you can proactively avoid these issues.

airline’s limits and restrictions

At The Moment of Denial

To make this stressful situation easier, follow these key steps.

Immediate Steps To Take

Ask the airline to confirm their reason for overbooking in writing. This will help with the claim process down the road.

Try to stay calm in this situation, as cooperating with the staff will help you achieve better results.

Communicating With Scandinavian Airlines Staff

After you’ve been denied boarding, it’s important to communicate with the airline staff to determine alternative flight options.

It’s also important to clarify your denied boarding rights with the airline. If you have any problems due to denied boarding, such as missed connections, it’s important to bring it up to the staff.

Keeping a Record of The Denial

Make sure to keep a written record of your denied boarding, as you will need to submit it during the SAS compensation claim process.

Also, keep any records of expenses incurred due to denied boarding, such as accommodation, transportation, or meals. 

Understanding Your Rights

Understanding your rights in the event of denied boarding is crucial in receiving fair SAS claim compensation.

According to SAS and eu261 regulations, passengers who are denied boarding due to overbooking are entitled to the following:

  • SAS Airlines compensation ranges from €250 to €600
  • Meals and accommodation if necessary
  • A rescheduled flight or ticket refund.

Denied boarding due to situations outside of the airline’s control, does not qualify passengers for compensation.

For example, you cannot receive SAS strike compensation if airport staff are on strike.

Seeking Resolution

To receive SAS flight compensation for denied boarding, follow the same steps as for SAS canceled flight compensation.

  • Gather relevant documents (boarding pass, written statement of denied boarding)
  • Submit your documents via the online compensation form
  • Wait for a response from the airline
  • If the airline rejects your claim, you can dispute their decision.

Alternative Avenues

If you want to avoid communicating with the airline you can submit your claim information to a flight compensation assistance service like  Skycop.

Skycop has a team experienced in aviation regulations and can help you receive fair SAS canceled flights compensation or denied boarding compensation.

Skycop will manage your claim from start to finish, communicate with the airline, and dispute any rejection decisions on your behalf. All you have to do is wait for payment from the airline.

Prevention For The Future

If you’ve been denied boarding, there are some things you can do to prevent this situation from occurring again in the future.

You can join the airline’s loyalty program, as airlines may be less likely to deny boarding to loyal customers.

You can also schedule your trip during off-peak times when flights are less likely to be overbooked. Another simple trick is to board the plane as early as possible, so you can be sure to get a seat.

In conclusion

Denied boarding is a stressful experience, but fortunately, there are many protections in place for passengers to ensure they receive fair compensation.

In addition, passengers can also hire services like Skycop to help manage their SAS compensation claim and avoid dealing with the airline.

You can also avoid this experience altogether by following some simple preboarding tips, like arriving early and choosing an assigned seat.

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