10 Best Sites For Glamping in Dubai, UAE
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10 Best Sites For Glamping in Dubai, UAE

Camping is always shown in movies as something adventurous like nothing else and those who have already done it know how it feels. But some people don’t seem to like camping experiences.


Just because of the natural dust, lack of comfort, and a few unnecessary irritations that can be experienced in nature.

But trust us, camping is an out-of-the-world way of vacation and to make it even better for you, we are here with a luxury camping guide. A luxury camping trip that combines comfort with exquisite nature is also known as glamping.

Let’s get started with the most anticipated topic of today’s discussion, glamping, and take a virtual tour of the Best Sites For Glamping in UAE and Dubai.

Luxury Camping in Dubai

Luxury Camping in Dubai

When it comes to luxury, none other than Dubai is peerless. Luxury camping in Dubai is thrilling, serene, comfortable, elegant, and aesthetic, yet close to nature.

We have been saying forever that Dubai is the ideal holiday spot for every purpose and we truly mean it. Glamping in Dubai is a chance to be grateful to Mother Nature.

If you do not want to miss this golden opportunity, the below list of the best glamping sites in Dubai, UAE, is for you.

Top 10 Places For Glamping in Dubai

What makes an experience beautiful? Beautiful places!

Dubai is a land gifted with sites that are an absolute treat to the eyes.

You are just one step away from a beautiful experience you are going to have at the best places for glamping in Dubai.

1. Hatta Resorts

Hatta Resorts

We would say glamping in Hatta is one of the best things to do in Dubai. They say glamping feels tranquil and if you go by our saying, Hatta is the most tranquil location in Dubai.

Those who have been to the Hatta Dam say its beauty is indescribable as it is one of the Best Attractions in Hatta, Dubai.

You get to have a Dubai Desert glamping experience on the banks of Hatta Dam, home to the region’s first trailer hotel, the Sedr Trailers.

Hatta Resort is the domicile of comfort and grace, offering a fire pit, BBQ, private terrace, and much more. 

2. The Nest By Sonara

Nest By Sonara

Now that we know glamping is a composed experience, can it be lavish as well?

Yes, glamping at The Nest by Sonara is lavish!

How can we say that?

It blends outdoor and indoor eccentricity for its guests. Its opulent lodges, offering immense facilities, are themed, taking inspiration from dunes.

The acclaimed desert restaurant serves luscious cuisine that will compel you to keep savoring the flavors without going anywhere else.

On top of that, there is not a tiny bit of possibility for you to get bored as they organize various entertaining activities.

3. Starlight Camp

Starlight Camp

Can you imagine what your Dubai glamping tent can look like?

It will be bubble-shaped at the Starlight Camp. Normally, when camping, you need to arrange everything all by yourself, ranging from food, water, and fire to tent creation, location selection, and safety management.

It is nothing like that when you glamp at the Starlight Camp. The staff is there to do everything for you and they are damn good at their job.

You can relax, enjoy the sights with your loved ones, and enjoy some moments of a slow-paced lifestyle.

4. Sand Sherpa

Sand Sherpa

Do you know who a Sherpa is? Someone from the ethnic group who has exceptional mountaineering and trekking skills. So imagine what a unique experience a camp named Sand Sherpa can provide.

Are you looking for a lively and luxurious camping experience in Dubai?

Sand Sherpa is one of the best glamping sites in Dubai, UAE for you.

You will get access to a camping trailer that has camping accessories, a tent, a dining setup, utensils, things needed for a fire pit and barbecue, a sofa set, and cooking ingredients.

On top of that, you can go on nature walks whenever you want.

What else do we want when glamping?

5. Terra Solis By Tomorrowland

Terra Solis By Tomorrowland

You must have heard about the majestic Tomorrowland music festival.


Terra Solis is brought to you by Tomorrowland. What does this mean?

It means that when you camp at Terra Solis, musical concerts by legendary and contemporary EDM artists will add to your unforgettable glamping experience in Dubai.

Other than this, you will also get the opportunity to explore different cooking techniques and dishes.

6. Glamper By BnBme

Glamper By BnBme

How mysteriously exciting would it be if you just knew where you were going to camp and everything else, ranging from the activities to the experiences, was a surprise?

That’s what Glamper offers!

You will get different options to choose your desired location and that’s actually all that you need to do.

Leave everything else to Glamper and get ready to be surprised.

7. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

The true pleasure of Dubai Desert glamping is in a desert reserve.

Isn’t it so?

When you camp at Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, you are away from home but you feel home-like wrapped in the arms of nature.

Your experience is absolutely affluent, with amenities like air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and TV streams.

8. Banan Beach Resort

Banan Beach Resort

Glamping is an activity done in the lap of nature, which means it compliments mesmerizing sights. How mesmerizing would it be if the captivating sights of the Jebel Ali shoreline also added to your glamping experience?

Glamping at Banan Beach Resort is your chance at that!

On top of that, wooden-framed chalets and tents, hammocks and barbeques, and spirited water activities make your experience soulful.

9. Nara Desert Escape

Nara Desert Escape

You would agree that a vacation is an escape.

Wouldn’t you?

Nara Desert Escape is the perfect getaway spot for Dubai Desert glamping. They offer a customized experience that touches your heart.

In a large desert area, you get to live in either lotus-shaped or Tourag tents. Activities like yoga, meditation, and moments in nature give you an opportunity to peek deep into your soul and find answers to all your unanswered questions.

10. Damani Lodges

Damani Lodges

Now the time has come when we all crave minimalism. We want just what’s needed, not unnecessary distractions.

Damani Lodges acknowledges and appreciates our minimalist interests and reflects that in the camping experience offered.

Comfy beds, suites, hospitality services, and onsite food—we get all of it while glamping at this spot.

Rest all are the unconventional experiences that we choose to have during memorable glamping.

Camping That’s Glorious and Graceful

If you are a regular traveler, we are sure that you must be longing for some in a class by itself experiences.

Aren’t you?

Glamping in Dubai is one such experience.

The list of glamping sites shared above is surely going to make your camping moments great, but you also need something more to make those moments exceptionally peculiar.

What’s that?

A travel expert who serves you more than you expect!

At Next Holidays, we are passionate about doing that for all our travelers. Call us and let’s plan the trip you deserve!

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