Card Factory Share Price, History, And News: All You Should Know
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Card Factory Share Price, History, And News: All You Should Know

Are you thinking about investing in Card Factory? Are you looking for the Card Factory Share Price?

You have landed in the right place.

Investing is an overwhelming task. Though it attracts you to make more money in less time, at the same time if a single thing goes wrong, you will lose everything.

It is great that you want to do some research and get some knowledge about Card Factory Share Price before you make any further decisions. So, without wasting any more time let’s start with the main discussion.

What is a Card Factory?

Card Factory is a British retailer that specializes in selling greeting cards, gifts, and related products.

The company was founded in 1997 and has since grown to become one of the largest card retailers in the United Kingdom.

Card Factory offers a wide range of products, including greeting cards for various occasions, wrapping paper, balloons, gifts, and party supplies.

The company is known for its affordable pricing and its extensive network of stores across the UK.

It’s worth noting that the retail industry can be subject to changes and developments over time, so I recommend checking more recent sources for the latest information about Card Factory’s operations, financial status, and any recent news or updates.

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Here’s The Scoop on Card Factory’s Share Price

  • The company’s stock price has dropped by more than 15% in the last year because it’s been having a tough time bouncing back after the pandemic hit.
  • In 2020, Card Factory was responsible for a whopping 20% of all the greeting cards sold in the UK. That’s a lot of cards!
  • Good News Alert: According to recent reports, Card Factory is really stepping up its game and moving forward strongly to overcome the challenges it faces.

The Card Factory Plc (LSE: CARD) has seen its share price drop by more than 14% so far this year, and it’s fallen by a whopping 80% over the past five years.

Despite this, the company remains a popular choice for making greeting cards in the UK.

Card Factory’s stock is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

With a team of 8,000 employees spread across 1,020 stores worldwide, they’re all about helping people celebrate special moments with personalized cards and gifts.

But where’s the company headed?

Is the drop in stock price a chance to buy or a warning to steer clear?

Let’s dig in.

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Financial Highlights

Right now, Card Factory is valued at over £178 million, and its price-to-earnings ratio stands at 21.7. In the last financial year, they raked in £364.4 million in revenue.

Their operating cash flow jumped by a healthy 42% in the fiscal year ending January 2022, hitting £114 million. This kind of growth indicates they’re gradually recovering from the pandemic hit.

They also boosted their EBITA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, and Amortization) to £85.6 million, though their net profit margin is quite tight at 2.22%.

Dividends and Outlook

The last time Card Factory shared dividends with its shareholders was in 2019.

The pandemic caused them to halt dividends when lockdowns forced store closures.

Now that stores are back in action, dividends won’t resume until outstanding loans and lease obligations are settled.

Given the rising interest rates due to inflation, this decision seems wise.

Analysts’ Take on The Card Factory Share Price

Many analysts are weighing in on Card Factory’s shares, giving advice on whether to buy, hold, or sell. While relying solely on predictions isn’t foolproof, it does provide valuable insights into market sentiment.

Right now, multiple analysts rate Card Factory as a “buy,” with a projected target price of 110p. It seems the recent stock market shakeup has led experts to believe this retail stock is a steal.

Capitalizing on short-term market swings to snag discounted stocks is indeed a smart move.

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Insider and Institutional Ownership

Around 51% of Card Factory’s shares are held by institutional investors, a substantial chunk that adds credibility and aids in raising capital.

Out of this, Teleios Capital Partners owns 20%. About 5.4% of shares are held by insiders, including top executives who steer the ship. Having insiders owning shares signals confidence from the leadership team.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Now, check out some most common questions that people have asked me several times. So, now, when I am talking about Card Factory share price, here I am answering those questions.

Q1: Is Card Factory a good stock to buy?

The general agreement among experts about Card Factory is to “Buy.” To see the complete list of recommendations from brokers, you can access its StockReport by unlocking it.

Q2: Does Card Factory pay a dividend?

Usually, there are 2 dividends each year (not counting special ones), and the dividends are about 1.3 times covered by earnings.

Our top-notch tools have accurately predicted Card Factory Plc’s performance 88% of the time. Join Card Factory Plc, and we’ll send you the details about dividends as soon as they announce them.

Q3: What is the market share of Card Factory?

Even when stores had to close sometimes, Card Factory held onto its title as the biggest card seller in the UK in 2021.

After dipping to 20% in 2020, our share of UK card sales jumped back up to 24% in 2021, and it’s heading towards the pre-pandemic level of 33% in 2019.

Our card business is on the rise!

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Final Thoughts

Card Factory’s share price hasn’t performed as expected in the last five years, worsened by the pandemic.

Yet, they still have growth potential if they can stabilize their finances and address challenges like the declining interest in physical cards among younger generations. While they might not be my top pick, I’ll be keeping an eye on Card Factory’s journey.

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