What is Picuki? is Picuki Safe? Picuki Alternative
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What is Picuki? is Picuki Safe? Picuki Alternative

There are plenty of tools available online. Some assist you in writing better essays, some find discount coupons for you and some are just a waste of time. However, we all can agree on one thing, tools make our life easier and if you are lucky enough to find the best-suited tool for your work, you can complete your work with ease. From time to time different tools pop up and become trending, one such tool is Picuki, you probably must have heard about it.

Picuki is attracting a large audience, and most of these audiences are young teenagers.

But what is Picuki?

Is Picuki safe?

Are there alternatives to Picuki?

If you too have such questions in mind then don’t worry because in this blog we will talk in-depth about Picuki.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a tool by which you can use Instagram without making a profile!

You can browse Instagram anonymously without any need to of original website or app. All you need to do is visit Picuki’s official website and start browsing.

You can browse Instagram profiles, stories, and posts. Picuki has many other features that you can use without any need to log in to the original Instagram.

How Does Picuki Work?

Picuki is a free-to-use Instagram viewer and editor. This online tool allows you to use Instagram without an account or sign-up.

Picuki uses Instagram’s official API (Instagram basic display API) this API allows users to access Instagram without any profile.

Therefore, Picuki is nothing but a search engine for hosted content on Instagram.

Key Features and Advantages of Picuki

The key features of Picuki are as follows.

  • Allows you to use Instagram without having to log on.
  • You can edit Instagram profiles, stories, followers, etc.
  • The platform is absolutely free to use.
  •  It allows you to explore any Instagram tag.
  • You can access all features of Instagram.
  • It uses Instagram’s official API.
  • You can watch stories of all public accounts without leaving any traces.
  • You can also edit videos and photos using the editing tool present in Picuki.

So these were some key features that make Picuki very popular.

Is Picuki Safe?

Now, all these third-party apps give a fishy vibe and I get it, using Instagram without an account is fishy and because of this, you must have a query.

Is Picuki safe?

Luckily, yes Picuki is completely safe to use as it uses Instagram’s official API which allows you to view and search content.

Picuki is free to use and doesn’t exploit anyone’s rights.

To use Picuki you simply need to launch the tool and you can view Instagram’s content for free.

You can view all public profiles, posts, tags, and stories that are available on Instagram. However, to protect the privacy of other users, Picuki doesn’t work with private profiles.

Picuki acquired a good trust rating on Scamadviser. Trent Micro also confirms that Picuki is safe to use and is not a scam.

Is Picuki Really Anonymous?

Most users of Picuki are from the early teenage groups, and the reason why most people use Picuki is that they don’t want to have a profile but still want to have fun with Instagram and that too anonymously.

But a question arises, is Picuki really anonymous? Can one be sure that he is completely under the blanket of anonymity while using Picuki?

Luckily you can be assured that you are using Picuki anonymously. All your activities are not recorded or captured anywhere.

It’s an awesome tool and you can use it to view all public profiles on Instagram.

Best Alternatives of Picuki

Picuki is a very useful tool. However, there are some limitations to Picuki as well, like the app is not very Android friendly and mostly works with desktops or iPhones.

Also, you can’t delete your own content from Instagram, which at times can be really frustrating.

Therefore, here are the top 5 alternatives of Picuki.

1. Inflact

Inflact is one of the best alternatives to Picuki.

Just like Picuki it also allows you to view Instagram, you can anonymously browse Instagram and can view the profiles of the people who blocked you.

Features of Inflact

  • Safe to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Clean interface.
  • Lets you browse Instagram without a trace.
  • You don’t have to sign up for using the app.
  • You can download images directly to your phone’s gallery.

These were some features of Inflact

It is a good alternative to Picuki.

2. SmiHub

SmiHub is another food alternative to Picuki.

Just like Picuki it is an Instagram viewer and allows you to download high-quality images from Instagram.

With SmiHub you can anonymously use Instagram.

One super cool feature of SmiHub is its research tool which allows you to analyze your and your competitor’s brand, and also the hashtags.

If you run a social media agency or are willing to expand your business on Instagram then SmiHub’s research tool is a good feature for you.

Features of SmiHub

  • Lightweight.
  • Provides a reliable and efficient research tool.
  • Available in many other languages.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Anonymous browsing.

3. StoriesDown

One good alternative to Picuki is StriesDown. You just have to enter the username of the person you are searching for and you can view their account.

This platform shows all the public posts on Instagram in a grid format. One feature that makes this platform a good alternative to Picuki is that you can remove your account whenever you feel like it.

Features of StoriesDown

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free of cost, with no subscription fees.
  • Freedom to remove the account whenever you feel like it.

4. Gramhir

Gramhir is another alternative.

This tool can also be used for professional use as it views insights of the posts.

You can also browse Instagram anonymously, you can save, comment, and like the post on Instagram.

You can also see things like who followed and unfollowed you on Instagram.

Overall, this tool is very useful if you want to use it for professional use.

Features of Gramhir

  • Can be used as a professional tool.
  • Give useful insights.
  • Free to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.

5. InstaXYZ

A fast, easy, and lightweight Instagram downloader that allows you to download Instagram photos and videos in a few clicks.

This platform is free from all annoying ads and is a very good alternative to Picuki.

You can view popular tags and can visit all public profiles without any need to signup.

Features of InstaXYZ

  • Easy to use.
  • Can download high-quality videos.
  • Ad free.

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So this was all you need to know about Picuki.

This platform sure has some hiccups but still is a useful platform.

If you are not comfortable with the platform then you can switch to other alternatives.

In the end, you should give this platform a try you will definitely find something useful.

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