Single Parent Benefits UK: Everything You Need To Know About
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Single Parent Benefits UK: Everything You Need To Know About

Let’s get real: single parenting is not a simple feat! Money-related issues can further add to the stress, which is quite stressful to begin with. But guess what? The UK has various programs that provide assistance to single parents struggling with the financial burden. Thus, what are the single parent benefits UK?

At first, Universal Credit stands out as the primary benefit that single parents usually go for.

Besides cheaper University tuition, you can also find the NHS Low Income Scheme, Council Tax reduction, and Child Benefit payments in the list of other goodies.

Oh, and just a heads up: The rates for these benefits change annually. At the moment, all the facts and figures are correct.

But in April 2024, you will be happy to see a 6.7% increase which corresponds to the inflation rate bump in the line.

Thus, if you are interested in knowing what support you might get, you should not leave this page.

What Benefits Are Single Parents Entitled To The UK?

benefits for single parents uk

Here’s the lowdown on how Child Benefit works.

If you’re a parent of a child who is under 16 or under 20 if he is still in school or training, you have a chance to get Child Benefit.

Just a heads up: At a certain age, there is no one to whom the Child Benefit can be claimed for each child.

The good news? There is no limit to how many little ones may be claimed for. It is like a silver ticket for every child in your care!

You can also ask a friend who knows Welsh to help you, or you can use a guide in Cymraeg if you want to learn Welsh.

At the moment, how about you getting the one thing in it for you to get Child Benefit?

You will earn money for each child, usually a sum of a monthly allowance will be on your account.

Apart from that, there are also additional rewards like National Insurance credits, which the State Pension will thank you for when you are older.

Oh, and here’s a neat perk: Your child does not need to go through a lot of processes to get a National Insurance number.

They will usually get it just in time when they are about to enter the Big 16.

Even if you choose not to get the money, it is worth making the claim to unlock those other benefits.

Talk about a win-win!

Single Parent Benefits UK: Complete Guide

Yes, let’s now go really deep into the wealth of advantages that are there for single parents in the UK.

The “benefits for single parents UK” are like finding a whole new universe of support that is specifically designed for you and your children!

Here’s the scoop on each gem.

Child Benefit

Imagine this – a parent-friendly, tax-free payment that is like the government’s warm hug for every parent with kids under 16 (or 20 if the kids are still in education).

Indeed, that’s the way it goes – tax-free!

It doesn’t matter how much you earn; anyone who is accountable for a child is eligible.

The weekly rates?

£21.15 for the eldest or only child or £14 for the rest.

However, in order to keep it in mind, if your income summits to £50,000, you may have to return some of it through a tax charge.

However, don’t forget that even the smallest help is still a help.

Universal Credit

Oh, the Swiss knife of advantages!

It is designed for anyone with low income or without work and yes, single parents are in that category.

The mystery of the Universal Credit is that it is flexible and changes according to your income and situation.

You could get a low allowance, a little extra money for your children, and even some assistance with housing.

Online application of the fixed-term employment leave scheme is very convenient and if your circumstances change, don’t worry your money will be adjusted automatically by the Universal Credit system.

Housing Benefit


This one’s your steadfast companion. The Housing Benefit hovers over the rent payments to make the burden on those pesky less.

The amount you will obtain is influenced by factors such as your income, savings, and living situation.

However, do not be anxious, because your local council will be with you on this journey – they will explain the steps to you.

However, it is very important you keep them informed if anything happens to the plan.

Council Tax Reduction

To be frank, nobody just jumps on the stage while saying how much he or she would like to pay the council tax.

Nevertheless, single parents will not be left behind, because there is hope.

Council Tax Reduction is the kind of thing that works for people like you, especially if you have kids under 18.

It all depends on your income, savings, and circumstances, hence, do not hesitate to contact your nearest council and find out what you are entitled to.

Single Person Council Tax Discount

One Person Council Tax Discount is a subject that deserves more attention when understanding the past achievements of the social welfare policies of the state.

Although the stars don’t collapse at a lower rate, there’s still a tiny bright side.

The only advantage of the Single Person Council Tax Discount is that you get a break on your bill, because well, every penny counts.

Free School Meals

Imagine this: The stress-free mornings are the result of your kid’s breakfast served at school.

Free School Meals are a hundred percent game-changer for families that are suffering from a poor budget.

 If you are one of those people, who are receiving the benefits, your kids might be able to get them too and that will be a relief to the lunchbox meal creators.

To Conclude

There you are, a wealth of single parent benefits UK waiting to be obtained. Recall, that asking for help does not mean you are weak – it is a wise step to take that will allow you and your family to flourish.

Hence, you can now hit the ground running and seize what is really yours!

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