How Much Does A Private Vasectomy Cost in The UK
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How Much Does A Private Vasectomy Cost in The UK

Private vasectomy seems like an intimidating process, there may be a lot of complications if the surgery is not done right. Hence it is important to first do thorough research on the process and then choose the right clinic and doctor for you. If you are in the UK and wondering, how much does private vasectomy cost in the UK? Then I accumulated all the information related to private vasectomy in this blog.

From the cost of private vasectomy to the process and side effects, I have tried to cover each and every aspect of the process.

What is A Vasectomy?

Before discussing other things let me tell you what vasectomy actually is.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure by which the transfer of sperm during ejaculation is prevented.

It means that the sperm that are made in the testicles are not transferred to the semen.

Don’t worry your body will still produce sperm but it won’t reach the semen. In this procedure a health expert seals or cuts the tubes that carry men’s sperm from testicles. It is done to permanently prevent pregnancy. 

What is The Cost of Vasectomy in The UK?

As complicated as it may sound, vasectomy is rather a common procedure, many male adults undergo this process when they feel like it.

There are 690 private surgeons and 130 private hospitals that are capable of performing vasectomies.

The cost of a vasectomy can be anywhere between  £495 and £1,935. Usually, the cost varies depending on different factors, for example, the hospital infrastructure, and the experience and expertise of the surgeon. 

How To Choose The Right Vasectomy Specialist?

As mentioned above, vasectomy can lead to serious complications if not done right.

So how do you even choose the right vasectomy specialist?

Here is a list of things that you need to research.

(i) Research the background, past experience, and qualifications of the surgeon.

(ii) Get to know where the surgeon received training from.

(iii) Ask him about his position and role within NHS.

(iv) Ask him about how frequently he operates for vasectomy.

(v) It would be best if you could talk to a past patient of the doctor.

(vi) Also, research the charges for the initial consultation.

Is A Vasectomy Right For You?

If you have decided that you are going to get a vasectomy then remember that there is no way back, there is one way called vasectomy reversal surgery but there is no guarantee that it will succeed.

Hence if you are planning to get a vasectomy then you have to be positive about the decision that you don’t want any further children.

Hence vasectomy should be performed after attaining a certain age and after a healthy discussion with your other half.

Does Vasectomy Have Any Effect on Sex Life?

The myths surrounding vasectomies like erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate, low sex drive, and inability to enjoy sex are just myths. 

All vasectomy does is cut off the supply of sperm into the semen. However, there can be complications during or after surgery because of your or the surgeon’s negligence. But the above-mentioned myths are mere myths. 

How Long Does Vasectomy Take?

The procedure may seem complicated but it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to perform one surgery.

The surgery is performed under general or local anaesthesia.

The Vasectomy Surgery Process

There are three parts to the surgery.

1. Pre-Surgery

Before the surgery begins, you need to look up a few things for a smooth and successful surgery.

  • Let the surgeon know if you have any medical complications or if you are allergic to any medicine.
  • If you are a smoker then it is advisable to stop smoking for several weeks before the surgery.
  • Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle before surgery.
  • Get your blood sugar levels in check and if you are diabetic then you should get your surgeon to know.

2. Procedure

The process is rather simple. You first will be put under anaesthesia, and then the surgeon will make a small cut on each side of your scrotum or maybe a single cut in the middle of the scrotum. Then the surgeon will cut the tubes that carry sperm. And then finally the surgeon will stitch up the area with dissolvable stitches.

3. Post-Surgery 

Post-surgery, it will take 1 to 3 weeks for you to recover. You will be under medication, especially mild painkillers and some medicine to prevent infection. Things to Remember Post-Surgery. There are some things that you need to keep in mind post-surgery for a healthy recovery and avoid complications. 

  • Avoid ejaculating for the time prescribed by the doctor.
  • Avoid strenuous activity and lifting till you recover.

Complication Post-Surgery

Although the chances of complications are low, not zero.

The complications include.

  • internal or external bleeding. 
  • Infection.
  • Severe pain. 

Will You Become Completely Infertile After Vasectomy?

Vasectomy’s goal is to make you infertile, but there is a chance that you may have some fertility left. Hence, post-surgery you should immediately go for intercourse without any protection. The doctor will check some of your semen samples for a few weeks, and when he gives the green light then the operation will be called successful.


So this was all about vasectomy in the UK. The process is intimidating but you will go through it in a matter of hours. Just make sure that you take proper care and medication and also follow all the instructions given by your doctor, and then you will be good to go.

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