Meghan Markle Prince Harry Royal News: Launched New Website
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Meghan Markle Prince Harry Royal News: Launched New Website

Do you know what is buzzing amongst the royalties? Meghan Markle Prince Harry Royal News.

Yes, exactly!

You heard it right.

The duo has launched, rather than rebranded their old website which will now focus on their activities and exaggerate their royalties.

The Noise About The Royal Family Prince Harry Meghan Markle Latest News Today

A new website has been launched by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle using their respective regal titles, the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex.

The website, which is called and replaces their previous website,, will provide more personal updates on the Duke and Duchess’s activities.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Royal News states that as you go through the website, you will see a large image of the Duke and Duchess smiling and applauding at last year’s Invictus Games.

This image will then be overlaid with the Duke and Duchess’ royal coat of arms, as well as the title “The Office of Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex”.

At the bottom of the page, you will find links to the Archaewell Foundation, Archaewell Productions, and the Sussex Royal website.

So, are Harry and Meghan over?

Definitely not although a few months back King Charle’s 75th Birthday wish from son and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle leaked.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Royal Family Latest News: The Website Analysis And Achievements

The change to Sussex comes after the couple relinquished the title in 2020 when the ‘Sussex Royal’ tag became the subject of speculation at Buckingham Palace.

The couple were able to continue using their titles of Duke and Duchess, but not High Royal Highness.

The name Archewell was created after the couple stepped down from their royal duties.

The name was inspired by their son, Archie – a combination of ‘arche’, a Greek word meaning ‘source of action’, and ‘well’, ‘a plentiful source’ or ‘a place we go to look deep’.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry royal news mentions, if you click on the Sussex Royal link, you’ll be taken to a page that reads: “This page was created in 2020 and outlines Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex’s work streams before moving to the United Kingdom.

To find out more about the couple’s philanthropic work, please click here”

You’ll then be taken back to the website,, where the About channel reads: “The office of Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex is changing the world through business and charity.

This includes The Archaewell Foundation, Archaewell Productions, Patronages, ventures and organizations which receive support from the couple, alone and/or together”

There are also separate profiles detailing their successes, but they don’t mention their royal family origins.

The Profile Analysis

Harry’s profile describes him as a humanitarian, a military veteran, an advocate for mental health, and an environmental campaigner, according to Meghan Markle Prince Harry royal news.

Meghan’s profile describes her as a feminist and a champion of women’s rights and gender equality, and she has been named “one of the world’s most influential women” by a series of rankings.

Harry’s profile mainly focuses on his military work, but also mentions Spare, his memoir, which was the fastest-selling non-fiction in the publishing industry, selling over 1.4m copies on the first day of its release.

The Duchess of Sussex’s profile mentions her book, ‘Archetypes’, which was released in 2022 and explores the “limitations” that women face.

It also talks about growing up in California and having a starring role in the TV series, ‘Suits’, which is currently airing on Netflix.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Royal Family News Today: Media’s Take

According to the News channel and various other Meghan Markle Prince Harry royal news, the couple’s recent engagements have been “more focused on personal events” compared to the work on their official website.

This includes Harry’s recent visit to Las Vegas, where he presented the NFL’s Man of the Year award to Pittsburgh Steelers’ DE Cameron Heyward, just hours after flying back from a brief visit to his father King Charles as Harry and Meghan wanted, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

He arrived without Meghan or their children less than a day after the news of the King’s health was made public.

Harry did not meet his brother, Prince of Wales, but he did spend about 45 minutes with his father at Clarence House.

The king’s slimmed-down reign is under strain in ways never seen before, as he has put all public duties on hold and the princess is out for the foreseeable future after undergoing abdominal surgery.

The Probable Controversy And Lawsuit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be forced to close their new website just hours after it was launched, amid speculation that they are trying to revive their careers in the media.

The couple has replaced their former website, ‘Archewell’, with a new one, ‘’, which features their royal crest on the homepage.

However, Meghan Markle Prince Harry royal news sources have warned that the use of the title and royal crest for commercial purposes could anger the Palace.

One source on the royal family Prince Harry Meghan Markle latest news daily mail said: “They’ll have a real problem with Sussex.

It’s a royal title, and if there’s any sign of commercialism, they’ll shut it. It’s amazing they can’t see how tacky it is.”

Another source on the royal family Prince Harry Meghan Markle said: “Meghan and Harry are the Duchess and Duke of Sussex, it’s a fact.”

On the page, the Duke is described as a humanitarian, a military veteran, an advocate for mental health, and an environmental campaigner.

The Duchess is described as a feminist and an advocate for human rights and equality between men and women.

The changes come as speculation swirls that the couple are looking for additional production companies to collaborate with.

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