Lapland UK: Your Guide To Winter Wonderland
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Lapland UK: Your Guide To Winter Wonderland

Discover the holiday magic at Lapland UK, a top-notch Christmas adventure for families! Our very own Ashley from Netmums took her three little elves to explore and spill the beans on what it’s like for parents.

Dive into her first-hand account to find out if it’s worth the hype, complete with a detailed review.

And if you’re all set with your tickets, scroll down for some fantastic tips on making the most of your Lapland UK experience with the kiddos!

What is Lapland UK?

A magical journey at Lapland UK, a spellbinding theatrical wonderland nestled near Ascot!

Just a sleigh ride away, approximately 1.5 miles from Ascot station, with the bonus of free onsite parking.

Upon securing your tickets, Santa himself extends a special invitation for you to join the elves in the heartwarming preparations for Christmas.

This enchanting experience unfolds as a captivating walk-through, weaving an immersive tale that unravels the extraordinary story of Father Christmas.

Picture it as a mesmerizing origin story for the one and only Santa Claus!

Where is Lapland UK: Location

Nestled in the enchanting Whitmoor Forest at Swinley Road, Winkfield Row, Ascot, Berkshire (SL5 8BD), Lapland UK awaits your festive adventure.

Merely 40 minutes from the heart of London and conveniently near Bracknell, this captivating holiday experience unfolds in Swinley Forest.

Mark your calendars for the six-week Christmas extravaganza running from November 27 to December 24, 2024.

It’s a magical journey for both kids and adults alike, but remember, all tickets must be pre-booked, and they tend to vanish faster than snowflakes in the North Pole.

Don’t miss out on securing your spot for this whimsical escapade!

Lapland UK: The Magical Experience

Upon your arrival, follow the whimsical signs guiding you to the designated car park tailored to your chosen time slot. Plan to arrive 30 minutes beforehand, ensuring ample time for a seamless parking experience.

Brace yourself for an enchanting 4-hour adventure that awaits!

The magic begins the moment you step foot on Lapland UK grounds. Before diving into the immersive experience, indulge your little ones with delightful elf hats, available for £10 each at the charming gift shop near the entrance.

As the grand finale approaches, Santa bestows upon each child a precious bell, transforming their elf hats into cherished keepsakes.

Once you’ve marveled at the entrance, proceed to check in with your family name, marking the perfect moment to secure your ‘Jingles.’

Jingles, akin to enchanted currency, are tokens of delight you can gift to your children for their shopping escapades within the magical gift shop. In the enchanting year of 2022, the exchange rate stands at £1 = 1 Jingle.

For those mindful of a budget, fear not! You can skip the Jingles and whisk your little ones through the gift shop at the end.

However, if you’re ready to dive into the full gift shop experience, consider bestowing 20 Jingles upon each child, ensuring a whimsical shopping spree that will be remembered long after the enchanting journey concludes.

The UK Lapland Package

Located in the enchanting Ascot, Berkshire, this winter wonderland is where children’s Christmas dreams come alive alongside Santa and his merry team of helpers.

Every child, affectionately known as “Small Folk,” accepts a personalized invitation from Santa, that is well sealed with wax and presented in a charming box.

Even infants under 12 months get in on the magic with an Elflet card, joining the Small Folk on their Lapland adventure.

Upon arrival, guests are bestowed with their very own “Elf Passport,” granting permission to traverse elven pathways and pass through a magical door.

The excitement continues as they convert the conventional currency into “jingle” currency, ready to be spent within the park. As a delightful keepsake, each child receives a husky toy to care for at home.

Once inside, Small Folk are treated to a mesmerizing 90-minute immersive theatre show, featuring interactive performers. The adventure continues with a visit to the toy factory, where little ones assist elves – Whittle, Conker, and Wish – in crafting toys.

Next up is the “Mother Christmas” Kitchen, offering gingerbread decorating classes.

Parents are in for a festive surprise, receiving a toy secretly delivered for Christmas and a special apron to wear during gingerbread-making sessions.

But the enchantment doesn’t end there – guests also have the chance to meet huskies and reindeer before children enjoy a heartwarming audience with Father Christmas.

The wonderland extends with an ice skating rink, cozy cafes, a post office, and a sweet shop.

Pumpernickel’s restaurant promises further festive delights. The entire tour, spanning around four magical hours, is a delightful experience for Christmas enthusiasts of all ages.

To commemorate the enchantment, a framed picture of the jolly Saint Nick is included, ensuring lasting memories of this extraordinary holiday journey.

Book Lapland UK Tickets: Step-by-step Guide

The ticket booking process in Lapland UK is pretty simple and also really convenient. The best way not to miss this amazing experience is to sign into their portal using the email ID that you generally use.

  • Step 1: you need to subscribe to the Lapland UK portal using your email address.
  • Step 2: You will receive an email with the confirmed date and time when the tickets will be going on sale.
  • Step 3: On the mentioned date at midnight the tickets will go on sale. You will also receive an email with the news along with a link to purchase the Lapland UK tickets.
  • Step 4: If you are able to purchase the tickets successfully, you’ll get a confirmation email with all the important details.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Check out these most commonly asked questions that people encounter when they are planning to enjoy the experience of visiting Lapland UK with their loved ones.

Q1: Where is Lapland UK?

Discover Lapland UK nestled in the magical Whitmoor Forest at Ascot, Berkshire, with the inviting address of SL5 8BD. A mere 40-minute sleigh ride from London and conveniently positioned near Bracknell, it’s a winter wonderland just beyond the M3. Come and experience the enchantment!

Q2: How Much is Lapland UK?

For the magical journey in 2023, Lapland UK offers tickets ranging from £59 to £149 per person, varying based on the chosen package and day. Saturdays and Sundays in December come with a starting price of £139.

And fear not, the littlest ones under 12 months are welcomed with complimentary tickets to join in on the festive fun!

Q3: How Much Are Lapland UK tickets?

Starting from March 2023, Lapland UK tickets range from £59 to £139, varying by day. Saturdays and Sundays in December start at £139. Bookings require at least one adult and one child under 16.

Tickets are available on the Lapland UK website, with an added booking fee. The exclusive “Golden Experience” package starts at £349 plus VAT, while Sincura Tickets offers VIP options from £495 plus VAT per person. Get ready for a magical journey!

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Additional Tips

For an enjoyable hour and a half in the Elven Village, it is recommended to ice skate first and eat afterward to avoid crowds.

Providing details about your children before the event enhances the personal touch, as Santa references these during the visit, and each child receives a charming husky toy.

To maintain the magic, consider hiding the snow leopard received at the end and presenting it as a gift from ‘Santa’ on Christmas day. Keep an eye on curious youngsters!

Prior to meeting Santa, utilize the waiting area to tidy up – combing the children’s hair and refreshing makeup in the restroom.

If planning to purchase a photo with Santa, take a moment to do so, ensuring lasting memories of this enchanting experience.

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