Fleet Dash Cams: Do They Mean Safety or Surveillance?
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Fleet Dash Cams: Do They Mean Safety or Surveillance?

If you own a fleet of commercial vehicles, you know how common vehicle accidents can be. For unpredictable road conditions, you need a companion that can safeguard your drivers and protect them during adverse circumstances. Dashboard cameras or dash cams are becoming increasingly important for road safety and protecting drivers from legal penalties. Unfortunately, despite the benefits, there is a common misunderstanding that dash cams are meant to spy on drivers and implement 24/7 surveillance. The following article aims to rebut this false claim and explain why installing fleet dash cams from trusted brands such as Crystal Ball ensures your driver and vehicle are safe under every condition.

1. Provide Evidence in Case of an Accident:

If you are an individual or company that has a fleet of cars, installing dash cameras will provide crucial evidence in case your vehicle is involved in an accident.

There have been numerous instances where the recording of the dash cam has turned out to be useful when drivers are falsely charged for a rule violation.

High-quality dash cams are designed to begin recording the moment the vehicle ignition is switched on so they can provide footage of what has happened in case of an accident. This helps protect your workers’ rights in case of an unfortunate accident.

2. Helps You Save on Insurance Premiums: 

Companies that own large fleets of vehicles can save a lot of money on insurance premiums by installing a dash cam.

Having a vehicle with a dash cam is also a massive plus for insurance companies during premium pricing.

Moreover, dash cam recordings work as solid evidence that backs drivers in case of accidents. This helps lower claim excess and protect your driver’s claim history.

3. Provides Protection to Lone Workers: 

Many dash cams come with cloud-based telematics systems with vehicle tracking and fleet protection apps that provide security to lone workers.

These technologies enhance protection by combining real-time video recording, GPS tracking, and advanced fleet management features.

This helps employers track the location of the workers, ensuring their safety and providing immediate assistance if needed.

Moreover, the fleet protection app can alert supervisors to potential risks or deviations from pre-determined routes, enabling proactive intervention to ensure workers’ safety. It is crucial to note here that dash cams are not installed for the purpose of spying.

The sole reason why organizations install dash cams is to ensure the safety of workers in case of an emergency and carry out efficient fleet management.

4. Better Fleet Management:

Installing dash cams enables organizations to manage their fleet efficiently by having access to live footage that helps them monitor vehicle conditions, detect mechanical problems, and identify driving offences.

Dash cams also help enable convenient compliance with industry standards and internal policies. By monitoring the day-to-day performance of the vehicle driver, managers can gauge the areas that require improvements.

5. Improves Driver Training:

Dash cams help provide targeted training to your drivers by closely monitoring the areas where they need to improve.

The visual recording helps fleet owners provide specific guidance and training per individual needs.

For instance, you can train them to drive in adverse conditions, navigate busy intersections, and instill confidence to face challenges.


Dash cams offer a multitude of benefits, including enhanced road safety, protection against fraudulent claims, evidence in legal disputes, reduction in insurance premiums, and an opportunity to train your drivers and improve their skills.

Therefore, if you haven’t installed dash cams for your fleet yet, it is time you got yourself a good-quality one from a reputed brand.

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