The Newest Trends in Prams. Discover The Venicci Collection
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The Newest Trends in Prams. Discover The Venicci Collection

William Kent invented the first pram in London in the first half of the 18th century, and since then, this essential piece of parental equipment has undergone an enormous revolution. What will the year 2024 bring in this category? We take a look at the Venicci collection to find out.

New Year, New Opportunities?

Every year brings new changes in fashion, but at the same time, another trend can be observed: a strong focus on universality and minimalism.

This can be seen not only in interior design but also in other aspects of everyday life.

And prams are no exception. On the contrary, parents are looking for products that are functional, high-quality, and have a beautiful design. The Venicci brand proves that such a mix is possible.

Classic colors (from grey through pastel pink ( to universal black) and high-quality materials combine to create a style that meets the needs of today’s families.

However, nowadays, the list of features cannot end with design alone.

That is why Venicci prams are also very practical.

Where Technology Meets Tradition

Technological innovations have become part of our reality, making everyday life much easier.

While it is difficult to talk about significant breakthroughs when it comes to prams, there is no doubt that some solutions can improve the quality of traveling with a child – even if it is just an afternoon stroll in the park.

What kind of pram solutions are the most appreciated by parents?

For some, it is the 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 sets so that they can get a pram, carrycot, and car seat in one piece.

Others point to the compact size, ease of folding, and lightweight, which is particularly useful for long-distance travel, including by air.

The Venicci brand doesn’t want to choose between one advantage and the other, which is why, in their prams shop, you will find a comprehensive line of products.

Add water-repellent fabrics, solid gel wheels, and UV 50+ materials, and you have prams that you can confidently ride into not just 2024 but for many years to come.

Ecologically and Economically

Another important issue that has been discussed by of many environmentally aware people in recent years is ecology.

Global warming, smog, pollution, and human activity can hurt the environment, so many people are looking for eco-friendly products that can help reduce our carbon footprint.

The pram industry is no exception to this trend.

How does it manifest?

In many ways. Firstly, quality. High-quality products last a long time, are in good condition, and can serve the next child in the family or be resold.

Second, production that meets environmental standards.

Third, innovation. Companies offer products that can do multiple things, eliminating the need for extra equipment.

It is easy to see that green solutions also mean savings for the wallet, which could be an essential advantage for anyone looking to optimize the family budget in 2024.

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