How To Invoice As A Freelancer UK?
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How To Invoice As A Freelancer UK?

Freelancing is an amazing way to earn a side income or even build a career around it. But the main part is to build and send an invoice to your client requesting payment for all the hard work that you have done. 

Making an invoice may seem tricky at first but trust me it is an easy process, m provided that you know what to include and what not to include in it.

So how to invoice as a freelancer in Uk? If this same question is bugging you then do not worry, in this blog, I will give you all the information you need to know about invoicing as a freelancer in the UK.

What is Invoicing?

If you are new to this term then read on to get a simple explanation.

Invoicing means billing. It is the process of sending the bill for the products or services that you have provided to your customer. 

It includes everything from your bill to your payment details, it is a systematic way of asking for money from your customer.

Now you know what invoicing is, let us know how to invoice as a freelancer.

What to Include on Your Invoice?

 Here are some important things that you need to include in your invoice.

1. Start the invoice with the word ‘invoice’ so that it becomes very clear to the receiver that he is reading an invoice. 

2. Then you should include your name, and your address and if you have a company then you can also include your company’s name.

3. Now that you have given your details, write down your client’s or customer’s name and address.

4. Now you can input an invoice number. (more on it later)

5. The date on which you are sending the invoice.

6. The deadline for the payment (if there is any).

7. A detailed list of work or products that you have delivered to your clients also includes the cost per unit multiplied by the quantities. 


Cost per product  Total number of products Amount 
€120  €480
  • Now enter VAT and VAT numbers (if you have registered for VAT).
  • Order number (if you have one)
  • Your bank details, so that they can make the payment.

Remember to be very accurate with this.

These were the fundamentals/ basics things that have to be there in an invoice. Now you can be a bit fancy and include a whole bunch of things like your company’s logo, a beautiful freelance invoice template, and many more things, they do make your invoice look sleeker and aesthetic but they are just add-ons and if you include the above points (in bullets) then you will be good to go.

What is an Invoice Number?

It is a sort of tracking system for the number of invoices sent to one client. It is not necessary to put invoice numbers but it helps a lot in tracking.

The way I prefer to do it is.

First alphabet of my client’s name, the first alphabet of the month, and the position of the invoice 

For example: if my client’s name is Eren and I am sending him 3rd invoice for the month of March then I will input my invoice number as EM3.

You can customize and set the one according to your liking.

How Often Should You Send Invoices?

There is no hard and fast rule here, some freelancers like to send the invoice for every project they completed and some prefer to send monthly invoices, whatever the case may be choose the invoice frequency according to your preference and nature of work.

Free Invoice Template

Here are some free self-employed invoice templates for freelancers in the UK. Create Your Template

Can I issue An invoice As An individual in The UK?

Yes, you can issue an invoice as an individual in the UK. all you need to do is include the above-mentioned points in your invoice and you will be good to go.

You can send an invoice to a single person and also to a company. 

Do I Need To invoice As a Freelancer?

It is not necessary to invoice as a freelancer but it sure helps in accounting and bookkeeping.

Some clients may ask for an invoice for the services that you have provided to them.

What Should An invoice Look Like in The UK?

It should include basic elements like what you are charging for, your bank details, VAT, and all necessary information.


So this was all about how to invoice as a freelancer in the UK. sending invoices is a great way to ask for payments and also helps in accounting and bookkeeping. On top of it, sending invoices makes you look like a professional which is very beneficial as a freelancer.

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