Flutter: The Ultimate Framework For Crafting Your Mobile App Startup!
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Flutter: The Ultimate Framework For Crafting Your Mobile App Startup!

Planning a mobile app-based startup is a lucrative idea. But, budding entrepreneurs often find themselves stuck in deciding whether they should prefer cross-platform or native development.

Once you have done your bit of extensive research and have communicated with experts, you will eventually decide to go with a cross-platform approach. It is because that’s the best of both worlds!

One of the reasons that makes cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development a strategic move is its ability to shorten the process lifecycle.

It means you will be able to launch your product to the market quickly. Following that, you will also be attaining high-performance apps.

Irrespective of the reason, once you decide on getting along with cross-platform, the next move is to choose the right framework for the development part. Flutter is one of the most high-performing SDKs that you can leverage for the best outcome.

There are definitely a lot of other frameworks that have their own share of proficiencies, such as Sencha, Xamarin, Ionic, and others. But Flutter holds a special place among them all.

To make you feel more convinced about choosing Flutter over others for your mobile app development project, this article unveils some of the strong zones of the framework. So, read along till the end to find out!

What’s The Buzz About Flutter Over Others?

Flutter for you is an open-source framework brought to you by Google. It helps developers create mobile applications for both iOS as well as Android devices.

One of the perks that makes Flutter app development a winning strategy is its ability to free the developers from writing native codes for diverse platforms separately.

Instead, the professionals can use the same Dart code and invoke it to make the app accessible on both platforms.

In simple words, Flutter is the UI toolkit of Google, which allows you to build appealing and responsive web, mobile, or desktop apps using just a single codebase.

As per a 2022 survey by Stack Overflow, it is recorded that more than 12.64% of respondents showed their preference for the Flutter framework for mobile app development, which was slightly higher than what was recorded for React Native.

This indicates the fondness of the framework among people to build their business mobile apps.

To help you better understand what Flutter actually is and why it has been in trend among budding entrepreneurs, here is a brief statistic for you to count on:

  1. With Flutter, you will be getting a full SDK, packed with tools essential for compiling code into the native machine code, meant for both Android as well as iOS.
  2. Seeking hybrid mobile app development with Flutter also allows you to use its customizable UI elements or widgets, ideal for scaling the interface of the app.
  3. The Flutter developers will be able to curate high-end native apps for all the major platforms using just a single coding language.

Why Pick Flutter Framework Over Others?

If you want to know why you must hire Flutter app developers for your startup mobile application, here are a few reasons to justify the proficiency of the framework:

1. Flutter Will Reduce The Turnaround Time

When you opt for the Flutter framework, creating the MVPs will take a short period, which is ideal for a startup like yours to get the product live quickly.

The developers will be able to build the concepts and test them in the shortest time possible, ensuring the ultimate concept reaches the production stage quickly.

A faster development cycle is among the best perks of Flutter, which allows you to shorten the turnaround time.

Moreover, upon choosing Flutter hybrid app development, professionals can use diverse libraries, widgets, and tools for making enterprise-grade apps with minimal effort.

2. Support For Cross-Platform Development

The foundation of Flutter’s popularity is its capability to develop cross-platform apps, which is also probably the best feature a startup mobile app can build on.

The Flutter developers make use of a single codebase to make the app run seamlessly on diverse platforms.

Thus, you won’t have to invest in hiring developers to make them write different codebases, which will save you ample effort, time, and money.

This way, your developers will be able to focus more on enhancing the UX of your app instead of stressing just the platform-specific codes.

3. Ensure High Speed and Performance

When you hire Flutter app developers, be ensured that you will be getting high performance on priority. With the native code compilation and the built-in graphics engine, Flutter supports faster execution of the code. Thus, overheads will be minimized, and UI animations will be improved.

Even when compared to the best frameworks such as React Native for mobile app development, Flutter has topped the bars with its exceptional performance outputs.

Google has introduced Flutter to combine the rapid development approach with that of the native UI.

4. Flutter Comes With An Extensive Ecosystem

With the libraries, services, applications, or open-source tools, Flutter comes with a big community and ecosystem.

This way, Flutter hybrid mobile app development is ideal for your startup business to integrate the apps with diverse external services such as payments, social media, and analytics.

This way, the developers will find it easy to add diverse key features or provide a full application experience.

It means Flutter enables you to integrate diverse third-party integrations so that the startups will be able to build comprehensive apps on priority.

Parting Words

With this brief explanation of the profoundness of Flutter, you might now be aware of its proficiency and why it is probably the best framework for your cross-platform or hybrid mobile app development needs that are associated with initiating a startup.

From a faster development lifecycle to a high-performance application, Flutter has all the qualities for creating native-looking and beautiful app UIs.

So, to ensure your startup app project turns out to be a hit, do consider hiring a team of proficient Flutter developers on priority! 

Let the experts unveil the strengths of the framework and embed them into your startup project!

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