First Coffee Machine Buying Guide UK For 2024
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First Coffee Machine Buying Guide UK For 2024

2024 brings opportunity. We can leave the pain of 2023 behind and look for ways to make our houses and ourselves more comfortable in this new year. One of the best ways to do that, while keeping those in your community safe, is by splurging on a brand-new coffee machine. This will take your morning cup from fine to fantastic.

Types of Machines

There are almost as many types of coffee machines as there are types of coffee in the world. This means there’s something that suits every individual!

From filter coffee machines to bean-to-cup, from espresso machines to built-in machines that remember each individual’s coffee choices, there are a myriad of choices.

Types of Coffee machines


The first thing to do is to determine your budget. While there is a phenomenal coffee machine at every price point, it’s important to spend what you feel comfortable with.

A built-in coffee machine might be your ultimate desire but if you can’t afford it then there’s no point in torturing yourself. This might be best left to the office, as a speciality installation.

Personal preference

Think about what your coffee drinking habits are.

Do you like a £5 latte on your way to work every morning?

Do you prefer a slow, steady stream of coffee constantly throughout the working day?

Or perhaps your favourite is a cup of espresso after an evening meal. The way you drink your coffee best informs which type of coffee machine you may be looking at.

Stylish additions

A coffee machine has the benefit of being a beautiful piece of kit. With many coming in a range of colours, this might be the addition to your kitchen that really lifts the room to the next level.

Think about where the machine is going to go and what might match the other appliances or colours of your kitchen.

Filter coffee machine

The most familiar coffee machine is probably the filter machine. This was a staple of every home and office for many decades, and is still a great option today.

Ground coffee is poured into a filter, then water is pulled through to fill a pot.

A filter machine can produce around eight cups of coffee, which makes it a suitable choice if there are plenty of coffee drinkers in your home who all want a cup at the same time.

Nespresso coffee machine

The next one to consider is a Nespresso machine. These have been all the rage for around a decade, after first being introduced in the 80s.

As coffee comes in individual capsules which are inserted straight into the machine, it results in a delicious, perfect cup of coffee each time.

Many of this type of coffee machines also has a milk frother, so you can produce a coffee shop-quality beverage with the push of a button.

Pod Coffee Machine

Similarly, a pod machine uses pre-portioned coffee that comes in pods inserted into the espresso puck.

These produce a fantastic cup of espresso — which can then be used as the basis for a cappuccino or latte — every time.

The pods are slightly favourable to many as they don’t have the plastic content of those used in a Nespresso machine.

Pod coffee machine

Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine

For those who like to buy their coffee beans whole, a bean-to-cup coffee machine may be the way to go. These have an internal grinder, so you can select your desired coffee beans and pop them straight into the compartment.

The coffee machine then grinds enough beans for each cup of coffee it pours. This results in a lack of waste, as well as meaning that each cup is as fresh as it possibly can be.

Built-in coffee machine

A built-in coffee machine is the ultimate luxury for those who truly value a great cup of coffee in their own homes.

This is the choice for those with wall space to spare, or for those who may be renovating their kitchens in 2024!

This is the opportunity to put in a top-of-the-line coffee machine that will keep them caffeinated and ready for anything all year long.

Espresso Coffee Machines

Finally, this is the option to go for if you like an espresso best. This kind of coffee machine can be filled with a medium or fine-ground coffee and produces a little cup that packs a powerful punch.

A perfect espresso will have a creamy crema on top, the sign of a well-made beverage.

An espresso machine generally needs a little more skill, as the ground coffee will need to be tamped to the perfect level, and slotted into the machine with confidence.

Espresso coffee machines


With so many different types of coffee machine on the market, it’s vital you choose the right one for your home and your coffee drinking habits. Make sure to select a coffee machine based on your budget and where you think it will live.

A stylish coffee machine can add a touch of beauty to a kitchen!

2024 is a chance to start new, and a chance to make sure your home and the appliances within it cater to your needs.

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